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  1. I've been trying to adjust the main beam on my nearside headlight as it is pointing too low. I've found discussions, PDFs, and images on US forums, but none of them are providing me with a solution, perhaps because not all LS460s over there have Xenon headlamps. There is an adjustment bolt just behind the high beam, but this moves the high beam from left to right. I cannot see any way of moving the main beam up and down. Is it even possible? Could it be another problem, e.g. someone has fitted the main beam bulb incorrectly? Any advice or experience would be appreciated.
  2. This is a bit crazy, but it turns out my problem was caused by interference from a cigarette lighter USB adapter.
  3. This would be better as it is obviously designed for Lexus and the wind noise on the LS460 is already so bad that it would make no difference:
  4. My LS460 has very poor FM reception. It's sometimes so bad that LW is better. Apart from the possibility that the rear screen might need replaced, is there anything else I should check? I realise from forum searches that I'm not the only person with reception issues in an LX, but while I've found complaints I haven't found a solution. Thanks