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  1. Car passed - no advisories either. Another year of motoring :)
  2. Just in case anyone else has the same problem. The knuckle bushing was indeed the right part. A nightmare to swap though. MOT retest next tuesday. Fingers crossed.
  3. I jacked up the car and had a closer look and I'm now nearly sure I got the right part. To save hassle at the garage, could anyone confirm? Again the bushes I ordered were rear knuckle bushes -
  4. Hi guys, My beloved is200 failed it's NCT (Irish MOT) yesterday due to worn rear suspension bushes and worn front ball joints. I ordered the front ball joints ( and but I am unsure if I have purchased the right bushings for the rear suspension. The tester made markings on the suspension to indicate where the problem was: I ordered rear knuckle bushes - based on reading Did I get the right ones? I'm pretty gutted with the failure as I spent €1650 last month on new front suspension arms and front tyres.... can't bring myself to ditch the car though.
  5. @Nafe77 I'm having the exact same problems. Did you figure out what it was?
  6. Thanks for the input guys. I have a guy coming to look at it just after Christmas. Sadly no mates have garages so it'll have to stay put. I'll let you know how it goes.
  7. No fear ROYT, I won't be driving it until I get it looked at. I'll dig it out of the snow over the weekend and have a look at the levels again.
  8. I haven't had a chance to check yet (covered in snow) but surely if the head gasket is gone it wouldn't start so easily and run smoothly?
  9. 2000 is200 Sport Styling Severe frost is of course relative to what we're used to here in Dublin but last week it got to about -10 C and less where I had my car parked. Driving it last week, after about an hour a weird rattling/ scratching noise from behind the dash. I stopped and had a look but nothing untoward. Restarting the car took a few seconds giving it high revs to get it going. I had about another hour to drive in which the car started overheating and a mile from home engine lights went on and temperature gauge did a little dance up and down followed by a dull clunk noise from the engine. I couldn't leave the car where it was as it was covered in snow and only space for traffic. The car made it home and restarts normally now running smoothly with engine lights still on (engine light constant and flashing traction light). I don't know much about cars but had a service recently and passed MOT with flying colours. All consumable levels were fine before frost but I'm not sure if antifreeze was used. Could it be a burst pipe or water pump or something radiator related? The car was misfiring a while back with dodgy coil packs but I'm hoping this isn't related. I have to wait till after the snow before getting it looked at. Any ideas on what could be wrong?
  10. Cheers for the guide Hando. I installed mine this weekend. Without the guide I would have been lost.
  11. Hi Guys, Can anybody recommend a garage in North Wales (I live in Colwyn Bay but don't mind traveling if I know the garage is worth it) to service my IS200. Cheers, Phil
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