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  1. Hello, I am thinking about having found the solution to the problem of BHP's increase on the original engine. A friend of my sister has had an accident with his IS300 Sportwagon and is for the garbage so I believe that it might use the engine 2JZ-GE of the IS300 to put in my IS200. Now the problem is the following one. The engine 2JG-GE of the IS300 Sportwagon fitt on the Chassis GXE10 of my IS200 or it should do some modifications? The 2JG-GE does it go on the same supports of 1G-FE? Is possible to intall 2JZ-GE with the IS200 gearbox or need the IS300 gearbox? Thanks
  2. Ok, now another question. To put the car in 200/210bhp it is possible to put a T28/T4 to 7psi or is better a T25/T3 to 8psi? Thanks
  3. Sorry but i have a very poor english and don´t understand " iffy ". If i install a prolex turbo kit and increase mi car to 255bhp is possible that i have engine problems? Thanks
  4. Hi, I´m thinking about to install a turbo kit on my Lexus IS200 and i have seen the prolex turbo kit and have some questions about problems to install in a stock engine. For install this kit need change any part in the engine or only install the kit and enjoy for the increased horsepower? There will be too much an increase of 100bhp for the stock engine? Thanks
  5. Ok, so even need to know the measures to see if is possible to install it with the tower strut bar. I think the pipe is 2.5" but I would like to confirm to measure. Thanks
  6. Hi, i´m looking for buy a air intake for my IS200 but i have instaled a front strut bar and have any questions about the intake dimensions. What diameter has the trottle body? What diameter has the intake pipe? I´m looking a Pipercross intake, HKS and TRUST. Who is the best for my car? Thanks
  7. Hello, I found it. The seller is near to my home and it cost 200€ painted. Thank you very much.
  8. Hi again, the Front bumper lip price is 130 GBP, the shipping cost to Monster-mat´s house is 15 GBP? How much is the shipping cost from UK to Spain? Thank you very much.
  9. Hello, I have been looking in Ebay and have found a not original TRD front lip in fibrerglass for 249 USD and 210 USD for postage and handling. All that costs the front lip that sells Chris.s? Thank you very much This is the link to the ebay page: Sorry for my bad english
  10. Hello, I am looking for a front lip for my is200 but I do not find any shop that he it sends to Spain, principally I am interested in that of TRD. Might someone say some shop to me where to find it? Thank you very much.
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