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  1. :) yea, or buy the 2 of them now ? not enough money = one or the other :( they drive like new, and are in exelent condition = but each represents different value for money... regs
  2. hello everyone need some feedback from the owners regs
  3. it is electric release... i must have over loaded the pull trigger by pulling it too many times to try to open the door and after too many clicks the cliks stoped... but the good news is that after few hours it reseted by itselve and is working again :) thanks for all help!!!
  4. Open the boot, and inside, behind the filler door there is a little flap door. Open that and pull the cable inside and that wil open your filler door :) Hope this helps, Brian :) Went to look for it -there is no flap door there ( LS400'92)
  5. when i pull the release for petrol door - nothing happens any more... before it stoped working it was making a clicking sound when it was opening fuel door now no sound, no release HELP, I CANT FILL IT UP AND RUNNING OUT OF FUEL :tsktsk:
  6. THE VERDICT IS - SEIZED CALIPER VALVE :)) waiting for the repair kit and hopefully will fix it this week...
  7. came back from the mechanics, the verdict : warped disc... thats why it was getting hot and at highier speed it started to expand and vibrate. i can drive like an old fart at max 70-80 klm/hr and nobody would know there is any problem with left disc (rotor)...
  8. left disc is getting very, very HOT and at more then 70-80 klm/hr is bad so i think, if it is warped then the heat makes it so bad to drive...
  9. the tire had a flat spot ... rebalanced -went to the left rear... vibs still happens BUT, driving slowly in the traffic is almost no vibs, but left caliper gets hot at speed and this probaly starts the vibration... all other calipers are cold after fast drive could be warped disc or problem with the caliper... the above plus the power steering problem will be check at toyota srevice on friday
  10. on thursday will go to a toyota service dep... my new worry is klinging sound coming from my steering wheel when i turn it side to side, and there is very strange feeling as if the power steering was working only for half a turn each way and then meets some resistance in turning :( wat is it???
  11. i think it could be related to drive shaft u-joints... when "it" starts to vibrate also the shift stick starts to shake, but when i shift to neutral the vibs don't stop but the shift stick stops to shake i'm going to see mechanics on monday... will let you know of the verdict
  12. wheels and tyres were balanced two months ago... this sound, vibration, it's not constant every time, i think... could the bearings make such a sound?
  13. lexus '92 263k when I'm driving around the city it's ok, but when I get up to around 80-100klm/h I start to feel under the car a strange vibration at steady speed and when I start to brake it isn't smooth as it was before. while at the speed I did put tranny in neutral and switched engine of and the vibes were still on- so it's not the engine - first I was thinking it was the engine runnig on 6 cylinders or misfiring... any ideas???
  14. how bad was your leak from p/sbefore it happened? and how can I prevent it from happening... regs
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