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  1. Hi, Anybody know where I can get my system repaired or replaced? Lexus have offered to replace it for £3,100 !!! Car is 2009 LS600h and I have lost the front screen sat nav. Climate control/ radio controls etc still come up on the screen but sat nav etc doesnt. Lexus are saying its the rear entertainment computer system that has failed and needs replacing. Anybody have any ideas? Thanks Comus69
  2. Hi everybody, Can anyone tell me where I can get the instructions for changing the air intake actuator valve and gasket set on a 2001 LS430? I would be very grateful to find a step by step guide including any does and don'ts Regards Comus69
  3. Hi everybody, My 2001 Lexus LS430 has lost its steering wheel adjustment in all directions and the wheel does not move out of the way when you turn the engine off? Any ideas what might have failed? When you press the switch to adjust it you can hear something but the column does not move. Any help would be appreciated on parts and possible cost regards Comus69
  4. Hi, I have had a reply from Lexus they call it a front spoiler. It is not loose it is now missing altogether. Lexus quote £52.47 + vat! Thanks for your reply Comus69
  5. Many thanks Comus69 :winky:
  6. Hi Guys, I wonder if anyone can help me I have a 2001 Lexus LS430 Premium Pack a beautiful motor. I recently lost a part of the body work and I am not sure what it is called and where to get a repacement. It is on the passenger side front bumper at the corner, this small panel came flying off on a dual carriage way so had no chance to retrieve it. It is (was) on the bottom corner under the front fog lights. I would appreciate any help to source a replacement. Many thanks and best regards Comus69