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  1. Hello me again, thinking oh changing the wheel on my is200 sport as if quite badly worn, has anyone done this, and would someon throw me up some pics of what they would recomend, im finding it hard to find a steering wheel that suits the interior of the car!!! Thanks for any help
  2. Looks the part tho :) Very nice boss, think im gonna get me one of these badboys then :) Bet its a strange oul grunt out of it haha
  3. wered you get the carbon wrap can i see a pic please :)
  4. As above folks?? Does anybody have one? Do they sound good?? Performance?? Help or hurt fuel consumption?
  5. By the way i actually have xenons already im just trying these as one of mine is blinking abit due to a loose connection!!!
  6. Some one answer the guy for cryin out loud :) haha i also wanna know this
  7. aHH FISH STICKS!!!!! theres bound to be something i can do??? Grrrrr
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