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  1. My 1990 LS400 has suddenly dropped on both sides at the front. There is no movement at all in the front suspension - its rock solid. Rear seems OK but it's a bit hard to tell as the very low front has lifted the back, but there is movement if I bounce the rear. If I switch the height control from NORMAL to HIGH the dash light stays on NORMAL. My first thought was that the compressor's stopped. But why would only the front drop? I've checked all the fuses and they're all OK. KUDOS
  2. Thanks - I have done just that. I check the DENSO web site in the US and they have factory re-built units for around NZ$230, freight to NZ was going to cost another NZ$230 so I had my unit re-built locally. Replaced rectifier, bearing etc - cost NZ$480. Would rather have had the factory unit but didn't expect a part rebuild to have cost the same - never mind. KUDOS
  3. Hi - It's Kudos from NZ. I have a 1990 CELSIOR (LS400) and it's burnt out two alternator rectifiers in 12 months. Does anyone know if there is a known cause for this - or is it just bad luck. I had the original alternator serviced when all the dash warning lights started coming on. This seemed to fix it for a few months. Then it went again so I replaced it. This was the original alternator, so at age 20 I guess I shouldn't complain. The second was a second hand unit for a '93 LS400 - this lasted about 8 months then all the dash lights came on again. Auto electrician said both rectifiers were fried. I know that some BMW's (excuse the bad language) blow the rectifiers when there are electrical problems down stream of the alternator. If it is possibly a problem down stream of the alternator I'd like to get it seen to before I blow another one. I'm getting very good ant getting them in and out now - I've got it down to 40 mins. Kudos.
  4. Thanks for the help everyone. I've got as far as taking out the boot lining and stripping back the wrapping on the loom - trouble finding time. Leadfoot I have also had them come on when I brake and had them go out when I brake?? Does seem to point to the kickdown switch and brake lights. I've got a numberplate light out - any ideas on how to remove the numberplate bulb holder?? KUDOS
  5. Where does the rear loom give problems? Where it bends round the boot hinge? I've had a look and there are no obvious problems. I have found 1 of the number plate lights is out - any idea how to remove the bulb holder? Cleaned the battery posts and connections and volts at idle have gone up to 14. KUDOS.
  6. Thanks - I'll check the rear loom. An auto electrician friend has suggested that seeing I can induce the problem with hard acceleration and high revs that it could be the brushes and at high revs they are skipping or bouncing. I think it may be time to pull the alternator out and have it serviced.
  7. I've been out and checked the battery, and it looks OK to me. At idle (650rmp) and no load it 13.8 volts. Turn all the lights and fan on high and its 12.8 at idle. Take the revs up to 1800 and its 13.8.
  8. Thanks Guys. I'll put a volt meter on the battery today. I did check it with the engine off and it was around 12.5. The power steering pump is OK -no leaks - I've not had to add a drop to it since I've had the car. The AC/clock LCD display is quite different to others I've seen. It's only about half the size of the radio one. My dash has a set of controls in the top left for the rear AC. The car has the air suspension. I suspect it was set up as a chauffeur driven car. The front passenger set folds up and moves into the foot well to give more rear leg room and better forward vision. Rear seats have a console with a full set of controls for the AC and stereo. Temperatures here at the moment are around mid 20deg C.
  9. Thanks guys. I've just got back from another 5 hour trip. No problems while driving at steady speed with modest acceleration. When I did floor it in power mode so that it kicked down 2 gears and reved out on came the lights. Need to try it with power mode off. They also came on when I loaded up the electrics at a steady speed, lights and fan on high. They went out when I turned the lights and fan out - usually takes about 6-8 km. This would make me think low voltage, but under hard acceleration when it gets up to 5-6000 rpm has me stumped. Steve2006 - I live in Churton Park in Wellington. Not sure on how to read the fault codes. My AC/clock LCD panel has the usual problem, so if they are displayed there I can't read them. My AC/clock LCD is different to any other I have seen and I'm not sure if I can replace it. The car has the full rear seat kit - heated, massager, full electric adjustments. Full AC controls in centre rear arm rest etc. KUDOS
  10. It's KUDOS here from New Zealand - after owning the car for 6 years I have my first problem and need some help. I have a 1990 Celsior (LS400) done 180,000km and runs as a LEXUS should. Recently I have been having an intermittent problem with dashboard warning lights coming on. Lights up like a Chrismas tree. It only seems to happen when I accelerate hard - foot on the floor. Although it has happened a couple of time in heavy traffic. During a 2 hour drive yesterday I was able to make the warning lights come on by putting my foot to the floor. When I accelerate hard 5 warning lights come on, bulb out, battery condition, cat converter, oil level and radiator level. I think the fuel gauge drops slightly as well. On the return trip - still at 120-130kph but no real hard acceleration - no lights. No problem with the way it performs when this happens. If I back off they go out after a few km. Fluid levels are OK, battery seems OK. My thoughts are low voltage - but its and idles no problems. Possible problem with the transmission - maybe getting too hot when pushed hard. Can anyone help???????
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