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  1. thanks to all yes problem was there before springs new from lexus i did change wheels and tyres 2 years ago now running on 18 inch rims tyre size 245 45 zr18 100y could it be back suspension not taunt and allowing movement regards leon
  2. What part of the body is scrubbing? Andy thanks for helping it is the front bottom edge of bumper that scrapes regards leon
  3. please can some one help fitted anti roll bar bushings all and rubbers new front springs new shocks new wishbones top and bottom ball joints car is 1996 ls 400 still scrubbing ground at front over small bumps at speeds over 25 mph and 10 mph over road humps what must i do to remedy please help
  4. leonc17


    fitted front new sprigs new dampers new wishbone new top and bottom ball joints new anti roll bars rubbers car still bottoms out overspeed bumps at 15 miles per hour and if i hit a dip in the road at 40+ i here scraping from under the front should i repair it? or send it to heaven? as i am rapidly loosing my patience with this problem what is the fix? i know its not valium help
  5. just logged on thanks for help ill let you know how i got on thanks again
  6. hello all can you help please,i need all front bushes prefer to replace with poly. car is 96 ls 400 cant find anywhere help please.
  7. just purched chip from usa alters eco after fitting suposedly extra 35 bhp or turn control for more mpg any one have experiance with these any problems :question:
  8. thanks for your help can u tell me whereabouts to go on ebay to find rear light thanks leon.
  9. thank you for your help i have looked and cannot find it on ebay could u direct me to the right section thanks leon.
  10. after the invisible man broke my rear light i need to obtain a second hand replacement does anyone know of anyone breaking a 1996 ls400 or has the part many thanks leon c.
  11. back light lens d rivers side old one cracked by ufo no one saw it being done need to find one for 1996 car any one breaking or