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  1. The 1998-2000 models you have a single igniter per spark plug. Everything is checked by the computer during running and it will detect misfire in each cylinder and store a fault code. Get somebody with an OBDII fault code reader to check. I would be very surprised if it was plugs, but if they are due for changing nothing wrong with forced maintenance. On the earlier cars the engine, transmission and also the diff mounts could give trouble. Since you have changed the motor mounts and saw improvement, did the trans mount get done too? Won't be the diff though because you said it happens in park too. The fuel injection system has a cutout at the 1800 rpm mark, I wonder if its a fueling problem. Fault codes would report that too. Hope you track it down.... Thanks, the transmission mounts are next. I forgot to mention that the LS had the 60k service done last time it was at that would cancel out the spark plugs. I appreciate all you guys have suggested. Is it possible that the transmission could cause this when the motor is in park and you are running the motor at 1800-2200 rpm? Does the transmission turn at all to cause this vibration??
  2. My 1993 LS 400 would get me 22mpg city/highway combo and 26 highway. My 1992 get around 19-21 city and 25 highway and the 1999 gets 27 highway respectadly. Thats checking after every fill-up. I have also run BG44k and saw massive improvements after running it through the system.
  3. Hi all and thanks for any help you may be able to assist me with. Great site! Its a 1999 LS400 and has been to lexus twice. It has approx. 114k and has a vibration when the throttle is between 1800-2200rpm, whether it is in park or going down the road in any gear. The motor mounts have been change and the vibration got better but is still there. It is enough to drive you crazy while going on a 600 mile road trip or just driving around town. If there is anyone with knowledge to this problem it would be helpful.