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  1. yes im in the same boat and yes it has a full lexus history but its a car im looking to keep and the value of a main dealer service just isnt worth it especially at the price they want to charge, i was looking for garages who maybe specialise with Lexus and get it done from them insted and as far as i have been told aslong as they use genuine parts my warranty is intact. so an anyone reccomend a garage near manchester? i have heard about charlsworth motors in glossop they are abit far out anyone used them? thanks to CHUNKY CHIP and Carl911 for your input
  2. My lexus is due a major service and lexus are asking upwaards of almost £500. its on a 57 plate and had done almost 80K miles If i was got this done independantly can anyone tell me whats nneded to be changed in a major service? or im in manchester are there any lexus specialist service compaies who are cheaper than lexus themselves? thanks
  3. Thanks for that it was at MOT i was told that my rear passenger side shock was leaking.. the ride is fine at the moment the car springs back nicley... but my discs defo need changing.. so looks like i will go for the MTEC then.. RE the shocks are they different on the sport model? can i get lower ones but within a threshold as to not have to tell my insurance company? thanks
  4. Hey all I have a 2007 IS220d and have been told that my front disks need changing and rear passenger side shcok is slightly leaking so need to replace them.. i have been looking at MTEC Brake Discs can anyone recommend them?|Model%3AIS|Cars+Type%3A220+d&hash=item439ba7ccdb or|Model%3AIS|Cars+Type%3A220+d&hash=item4600b0bfdc I have no idea about the rear shocks can somone point me in the right direction? im guessing Lexus will charge a bomb for them?? Also i have a SE-L are the sport model shocks lower? Thanks
  5. good luck, Iam on 94K miles and still no head gasket problem. do one thing. every 10K get your egr valve cleaned by independent garage (will cost £50-£60) and once a while put injector cleaner in your car. I use millers diesel injector cleaner once every few months. good luck once again :) great advice thanks, i could prob do that myself where is the egr valve? although when i went to look at the car i had called the lexus dealer from where the car was serviced and they confirmed all the history and they did say the car was recalled for a egr valve change. i think i picked up a bargain but i had to travel nearly 350 miles for it.. but im well impressed. its a 220d SE-L in cadoxton slate with multimedia. the only problem with the car is the front left parking sensor isnt working which i need to look at. comes up on the display as check sonar and has a cross on the front passenger side one. any advice on that would be helpfull. also need to get some mats for it would like the genuine ones any idea how much they will set me back?
  6. I would like to thank everyone for their posts and im happy to say after much research and speaking to family members with the car i took the plunge and got my self a diesel.. hope it works out for me
  7. if these engines are being repaired by Lexus free of charge surly that's a good point no? Not sure about petrol do quite a few miles and re the other cars Audi - wouldn't touch them know a friend who has a garage said most common car problem is with Audi engines. BMW/Mercedes - Lovely car although for the money get a lot more bang for the buck with a Lexus & maintenance is really expensive too, have owned both so thought time for a change. so if i find a 220d is there anything else to look out for? if its only the head gasket and it gets sorted for free i suppose i could chance it as no cars are with out problems? if i find one what do i want a repaired head gasket or one that not had any problems?
  8. thanks for all your replys and to those who say get a is250 my question is why? and any more input on the is220d?
  9. Hey all I'm looking to buy a IS220d around 2007/2008. Please could you tell me what i should be looking out for? Thanks