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  1. Hi People, Does anyone know if a towbar from a 2000 - 2003 Lexus RX300 will fit a 98 Toyota Harrier? It seems the main problem is that my spare wheel is in the boot and not underslung! Part number PZ408-K2550-00... Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks Sean
  2. Hi people, Basic question... How many mpg do people get from their harriers? I have a 98 model but guess it should be much the same as the early rx's? I know I should have thought about before I bought the car, but what can I say? It was an impulsive purchase to begin with, and now I can't imagine life without it!! Sean
  3. Hi, Thanks for the link, it all looks so good when it first loads up the just changes to a foreign google. Will try again at work today. Great help just knowing there is an option out there though! Will keep you updated on the progress.
  4. Superb! Will order one of those first thing in the morning, cheers! Thought I would have to get seriously aquanted with my cd collection for a while there! Thanks again!
  5. Hi and thanks for the welcome! I will get some pics of my new pride and joy posted as soon as! The camera is in the car ready to go.
  6. Hi all, Have just purchase a Toyota Harrier RX300 and have to say am absolutely made up with it!!! OK so questionable over it's Lexus credentials but it has a Lexus badge on the front and back, so thats good enough for me! Anyway, just wanted to introduce myself and ask you to be ready for the inevitable barrage of questions to test your knowledge! Nice to be here and look forward to being a member of the Lexus club! Sean
  7. Hi all, I am new to the site and see some great advice going around in these forums!!! Not sure if anyone can help with this but I have just purchased a 1998 Harrier RX300 and found the display is mainly in Japaneese!!! The radio related stuff is in English but all the fuel computer, clock set-up etc is not. Also the radio range only goes up to 90Htz so do not get half the radio stations... does anyone have any ideas? Lexus say it may be adjustable in the settings (which are all in Japaneese), otherwise it's a whole new control install (megabucks!). The downside to buying an import I know, and can live with it, but if there is a quick fit it would obviously be great! Sean