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  1. and cheers for the link for workshop manual B)
  2. cheers everyone for the info rory ive put the reg in another thread but no replys as of yet
  3. fair point mate there will be an excellent low mileage auto box forsale soon i will pm him when the time comes just trying to sort this out at the moment
  4. cheers mate dont help me none but thanks anyway
  5. just purchased it cat c write off from a salvage yard and has the club sticker on the doors would be great to speak to previous owner about it cheers mark
  6. short story of this my x reg manual is200 went bang major cooked engine so purchased a cat c write off auto with 68thou on the clock im wanting to remove the engine to fit in mine but need to know of all differences is the bearing in the end of the crank different also anything anyone can think of would be of great help also the car was once owned by a member as it has club stickers on the rear doors
  7. Engine / Trc Off Lights Flashing

    mine does this traction control light on and engine light on plugged it in got missfire on 1 and 3 i reckon coilpacks i would like to borrow a pair before i lay out on new ones incase it dont fix it
  8. advans are horrible looking rims
  9. cheers mate its game over now ive smashed it :tsktsk:
  10. times ticking im on the verge of jumping on it :tsktsk:
  11. Linglong Tyres !

    haha linglongs i can beat that £70 a pair supplied and fitted diamondbacks lol awesome in the wet :winky:
  12. How Much Is She Worth ?

    i love it mate not the fastest thing by far but drives like a new car im like a budget pimp lol my mates dad had 3 when they was not to old he was telling me something like £20000 back then and when you think about it it wasnt even that long ago
  13. How Much Is She Worth ?

    i dont know much about lexus models as im new to them but i know they have become very cheap mines metalic blue with full service history 2001 x reg like yours suffers stone chips upfront and odd mark here and there but mines done 115000 i payed £2000 straight for mine like i said dont know if this helps just i purchased mine the other week and have been looking at them for a while
  14. well im suffering the dreaded err3 cd player wont play or eject blah blah does anyone know how to fix these or has any info on doing it ive been told its prety simple but when someones charging £200 a time to fix them there not willing to share the info ive stripped mine down and got my cd out any ideas from here onwards