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  1. This is so true, why don’t all cars have built in boosters 🤷🏽‍♂️ Will I need to buy a nappy bin too?! 🤦🏽‍♂️
  2. Thank you all for the advice. I’ve already wasted so much time messing around with the belt, there’s no way I’ll have the patience to do that every day. I’m ordering the correct base and will also look into the Britax for the next stage 👍
  3. Hi Richard, I am attaching a Maxi-Cosi Pebble-pro seat... which will be for a new born. I’ve fitted the seat as per the instruction using a belt, but it just doesn’t seem secure to me as you can move the seat left to right very easily. I’m sure in the demonstration, the belt locked when it was pulled all the way out. Some car belts have a ratchet feature that engages, purely to fit seats.
  4. Is it possible to fit a child seat without isofix base into the IS300h? The demonstration in John Lewis showed that the seat belt should lock when you pull it all the way out. It engages a ratchet system especially for child seats, however this doesn’t seem to be this case in this car. Before I purchase the isofix base I just wanted to make sure.
  5. Hi Maxz, not resolved yet. My front driver side dash speaker sounds distorted on certain tracks. I still have the extended warranty and the dealer was great with other issues. Annoyingly every time they check it sounds perfectly fine! I can't imagine it would be too difficult to open the cover? I'm going to keep trying with the dealer for mine though.
  6. Very annoying - and as expected, no contact details left. I did however manage to polish most of it out, doesn't look too bad for now. In the summer, I'll take it back to the body shop and book in the wheel refurb. I've also managed to find genuine F-sport fogs from two different breakers, planning to fit these in soon.
  7. Cheers for that. A local refurbishing comapny recommended the same shadow chrome and I agree it would look great against the grey. I was about to book it in, but then somebody damaged my car 😞
  8. thanks that looks really cool... and its been working just fine right? Thanks for the link, I'll definitely look into it.
  9. Oh wow that looks really cool! where did you get these from? Easy to install? Thanks, yeah that's not a bad idea. The original powder coat finish is quite costly compared to a paint finish. I know right, they should have just fitted those kick plates from factory like the previous MK2 SE-L. Anymore info on your android screen? I'd love to do something similar, the standard Nav/media system is pretty poor compared to other brands. The speakers and sub will definitely sound good! Cheers, here's the link to the spoiler... although I think you can now get it cheaper from
  10. I owned my 2002 IS200 for 13 years which I absolutely loved. It literally never went wrong and I'd kept it in fantastic condition, with just a few subtle mods keeping a clean OEM look: Front splitter TTE rear skirt 2004 facelift headlights and foglights Rear spoiler Genuine mesh grill Aluminium kick plates and pedals Custom heater dials Altezza chrome shift gaiter Pioneer Apple Carplay double-din with reversing cam Last year a family members IS300h was offered to me so I decided maybe it was time for a change... although it was really difficu
  11. You're right, a dealer just emailed me with a quote for the same amount. For my IS200 I was able to find nearly new DVD updates on eBay for a lot cheaper, however the dealer has advised that HDD nav updates have to be done by them. I know you rarely need to update the maps, but it still seems extortionate when compared to the price of smart phone apps or portable sat navs!
  12. That looks really amazing, I love the colour! i believe the facelift cars have a revised suspension set up, unfortunately my budget won't stretch to a new one :( That's really helpful, thanks for that. Does the nav take postcodes? Have you had to update the maps at all? I think they look great in white as well!
  13. Thank you all, I guess both 10 & 13 speaker versions will probably sound great. Interetsing point about the F-Sport suspension, I'll try and drive both versions to compare.
  14. Hi all. I've not posted on here in a while but considering changing my IS200 for CT in the near future. The difference in running costs makes the CT seem very attractive, I don't think my IS200 is particularly fast anyway. I know the specs vary on early cars and I've decided on the features that I definitely want in the car: Memory leather seats, power folding mirrors and reversing camera - this limits my choices to either a Premier or F-Sport. I would also like a decent sound system as the amplified 8 speaker set up in my IS200 sounded great. I love the look of the F-Sport'
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