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  1. Thanks for the info. Does the service plan include parts as well? The costs you've mentioned still work out cheaper than the german rivals. I'm not too bothered about the size of the 'everyday' motor is a Merc E-class estate so if i can park that, i can park anything! I like the fact that in a sober colour the IS-F doesn't attract the same sort of attention as the M3/C63 (even though the exhaust pipes are straight from Max Power). Also below the 3600rpm cut-off it drives much like an IS250. One thing that really annoys me about the British media is how much is written about the 'bone-shaking' ride on the IS-F. I must say it rides better than my E-class sport. I think there seems to be an inherent 'racism' against Japanese cars in the media in the UK. Rant over...
  2. I'm considering buying an ISF in the next few months. It's tempting as I believe it will be much cheaper to run than a M3 or C63 and far more reliable. Went on a test drive a few days ago in an '08 model and liked it a lot. Can anyone who has owned one for 2 years or so let me know what the servicing/parts costs have been? I'm not too bothered about fuel/insurance but servicing/parts on the german opposition are horrendous.
  3. Must admit, I'm a bit disappointed that there isn't anyone who can help from the UK. I would be very reluctant to order parts from the US, especially as I wouldn't be able to fit anything myself! Does kinda put me off getting an ISF...
  4. I was actually thinking about a new rear bumper altogether!
  5. I know it makes the car very individual (only the Ferrari California has the same look) but I just can't get on with it. I've tried!!! To be honest I'm not really bothered about standing out, I prefer the whole Q-car thing. I love the looks of the standard IS, best-looking junior exec by miles methinks. The styling of the ISF is perfect for L.A or New York but a bit too "rude boy" for Leicester I'm afraid. Sorry I have my flame-suit on already! I was just hoping that some tuning company offers an alternative for those exhausts.
  6. Hi everyone, I currently drive a year 2000 GS300. I love the IS-f and am thinking of getting one in a few months time but the one thing I don't like is the stacked exhausts. I know, I know, heresy but I would much prefer conventional quads a la M3 or C63 AMG. In the UK there are a wealth of tuning companies who do this sort of thing for BMWs or Mercs (Birds, Hartge, etc) but I don't know about Lexus. Shame as everything else is great with the Lexus. Anybody know a company that can help? Cheers!