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  1. Public Track Weekend & Ford Fever Day: 02/10/2010 - 03/10/2010 Every driver and rider signing up for RWYB on Sunday will automatically gain entry into the race track's popular Sunday Track Challenge. A simple time trial competition to find the quickest 4, 5, 6 and 8 cylinder category cars of the day as well as the quickest manufactured motorcycle in the Trophy Bike Dash. Car Clubs: Ford Torque RS Messers Almera Owners Club RWYB Series: Old Skool Ford Drag Challenge National Street Car Challenge Public Track Day: 16/10/2010 - 17/10/2010 Sunday will feature the first of the raceway's special Quick 32 Bracket Gamblers Races with cash prizes for the winner and runner-up. Are you tough enough to enter the 32? RWYB Series: Old Skool Ford Drag Challenge Finals National Sprint Association Finals 2010 Twins Cup Car Clubs Attending CADScoobies - Cheshire & District Scoobies Cotswold Area Westfield Owners Club (Sat only) Halloween Bonfire Burn-Up & Public Track Day Weekend: 30/10/2010 - 31/10/2010 Clubs are actively encouraged to take part in either a sport of inter-club members fun on the quarter mile or a full on quarter mile shootout with other clubs of their choice. It’s the cheapest form of motorsport in the country! RWYB Series: ###### Street Finals Car Clubs Attending: - Turbo Diesel Owners Club UK For more information on any of our Public Track Days please visit and click on Events. Any queries or questions please email Jeremy Cookson at!
  2. Open Sport Nationals - UK National Drag Racing: 28/08/2010 - 30/08/2010 Championship drag racing returns to Shakespeare County Raceway with round five of the UK National series. Featuring a colourful scene of cars and bike classes over 200 racers and teams will be competing for national series points over two days of qualifying and eliminations on Bank Holiday Monday. Everything from super fast Super Pro dragsters, altereds and doorslammers through to the Sportsman categories will be hitting the strip in the only way they know how to - FAST! So entertainment is guaranteed. In the bike ranks, teams who make up the ACU/UK Drag Bike Series will be just as busy with there 1000 horsepower monsters to the 190 mph Super Street Bikes, Super Twins and Junior Drag Bike. Expected classes to be included in the Open Sport Nationals programme include Super Modified, Super Comp, Super Gas, Super Street, Super Pro ET, Pro ET, Sportsman, Junior Dragster, Street Eliminator, ###### Flat Four, VWDRC classes, Wild Bunch and ###### Anglia. The Bike classes include Funny Bike, Pro Stock Bike, Competition Bike, Super Street Bike, 8.50 Bike, 9.50 Bike, Super Twin classes and Junior Drag Bike all packed into three days of non-stop action. All-day qualifying Saturday and Sunday with eliminations on Bank Holiday Monday commencing at 10.00 am all three days. Admission prices to be found on website!
  3. Shakespeare's Rwyb Dates

    RUN WHAT YA BRUNG... Putting YOU in the hot seat! How many times have you said to yourself 'that looks easy - I could do that!'. Well, now here's your chance to find out because Shakespeare County Raceway is giving you a unique opportunity by grabbing some interactive viewing from the hot seat of your street legal road car or from the saddle of a contemporay sports bike in any of our Run What Ya Brung Public Track Days all at an affordable price, and in the safe confines of a professionally operated drag strip. After each timed run, drivers/riders are presented with a 'Certificate of Speed' giving important information like reaction times to the green light, timing data from start to finish alongside your opponents times and speeds. All vehicles are welcome; Minis, Trucks; Super Cars and Bikes. All are welcome to race against the clock including Modifieds, Imports, Circuit and Oval Track Race Cars are all welcome to participate too. Clubs, gatherings, events within events; these can be arrange too. Whatever the occasion, whatever the event, if its got wheels - you can race it at one of Europe's quickest and fastest quarter mile drag strips. Here is a list of all our up and coming RWYB Public Track Days for anyone who fancies running their motor down our 1/4 mile track! (More information on selected dates at
  4. "LADIES - START YOUR ENGINES!!" THE UK's FASTEST WOMEN TAKE TO THE TRACK So you think you're a fast driver- a hellish quick biker? There are quite a few women who can show you what 'FAST' is all about. On Saturday and Sunday 24th & 25th July the 'For Ladies That Launch' will be doing their multi-thousand horsepower thing at Warwickshire’s Shakespeare County Raceway drag strip. In cars that make a Ferrari look like it's standing still, and on bikes that claw the air as they smoke away from the line, these ladies prove that the label 'Woman Driver' stands for the highest level of skill, professionalism and sheer thrills you can ever want to see. Celebrating 'Women in Motor Sport', this extravaganza of speed is open to any female who wants to have a go with her car or motorbike on the famous drag strip at Long Marston Airfield, nr Stratford-Upon-Avon. All ladies are invited take part alongside some of the biggest names in UK drag racing in a proper elimination style drag race on the Sunday. All you will need is a race or road vehicle, your Driving Licence, crash helmet, and a small fee to Sign-On and race in the ‘The Ladies that Launch Shootout’. Liz McCarthy will be taking to the quarter mile as she rockets off the line on her 1,000 plus horsepower Suzuki powered drag bike, and Carolynne Campbell will be there with her insane Rocket Powered Dragster, 'Laffin-Gas', accompanied by a host of very fast ladies from other branches of motor sport that really know how to make the track rock! You'd be surprised at just how many ladies keep motor-sport going, as Marshals, Safety Crew Workers, Track Officials, Mechanics and Racers - it's time we celebrated the Fast Women of UK motor-sport. So we want to see all the girls there not just those who race but the ones who support their teams, make the tea, make sure the boys have packed their crash helmet etc and make it viable for them to race (as most of them can't make it to the front door without help!) and of course those of us who tell them where to go and what to do on the day – as a marshal myself I would like to see as many girl marshals there as possible. On the Saturday evening (weather permitting) we aim to have a photo shoot for all the ladies and, where appropriate, their vehicles followed by live music and dancing till late in the clubhouse So bring your car, bring your bike, or just bring yourself - it's time to LAUNCH LADIES! Shakespeare County Raceway offers on-site catering, free grandstand seating, free camping, showers and toilet facilities and children under 16 get in for free too. Further details can be found at, our Facebook page (Shakespeare County Raceway) or call 01789 720180 (Raceway Office) or 07799 622467. Flyers are available on request. See you at the strip!
  5. Shakespeare County Raceway

    Hi guys, i know we havent posted anything in a while but its at that time in the year to start spreading the news about whats going on at the Shakespeare County Raceway at Long Marston! Our next date coming up is June 26th and 27th which is the Nostalgia Nationals where more than 200 show quality Street Rods and American Muscle Cars will be let loose in anger one more time! Adding spice to the mix will be the Gasser Circus, featuring high riding 'doorslammer’ full bodied cars of the 40s, 50s and 60s, along with the Custom Car magazine supported Flathead Meltdown, where sidevalve engines still reign supreme and last, but no means least the ###### Anglia’s; a class dedicated to Dagenham’s finest sit up and beg Anglias, Populars, Prefects and Fordsons. Event admission details: Gate: One day £18 per person (Advance £15 Sunday only). Weekend £30 per person (Advance £25 per person). NSRA members £25.00 on production of a valid NSRA Membership Card. RWYB Track Fee: £18 per person (unlimited runs) or £30 per person for a weekend of unlimited fun. The next event after that will be on the weekend of July 10th and 11th which is the British Mini Showdown and public track days. This is the British Mini Clubs annual quarter mile blast and it is a unique event in itself to compliment the clubs extensive 2010 show portfolio. The quarter mile is of course always open to every Classic Mini and new Mini owners with eleven classes to choose from. So it really can’t get any better than that. We don’t expect everyone to beat the amazing sub 10 second runs but what we do know is that from year to year a new challenge is issued and always someone comes home with the prize in becoming the Fastest Mini In The World! Event admission details: Sat Gate £12.00 Advance n/a Sun Gate £15.00 Advance n/a Weekend Gate £25.00 Advance £22.50 RWYB Track Fee: £20 per person (unlimited runs) or £35 per person for a weekend of unlimited fun. For any other information about these events please visit... If you are interested in attending any of these please let me know by replying to this post. I will tell you what to do from there. We will be posting information about more events that are coming up in the near future!
  6. Prostreet Drag

    Sounds good! Hope to see you there!
  7. It’s Club Day here as well as a Ford Weekend at Shakespeare County Raceway! This weekend we have some great competitions for you! For every driver signing on for the Public Track day on Sunday they will automatically be entered into our SCR Track Challenge to find the quickest four, five, six and eight cylinder category cars of the day! You could come away with an exclusive Shakespeare County Raceway Challenge Trophy for your efforts in a safe and legal environment. Don’t forget to bring your Driving Licence! Clubs are also actively encouraged to take part in either a spot of inter-club members fun on the quarter mile or a full on quarter mile shootout with other clubs of their choice. It’s the cheapest form of motorsport in the country! Contact us for further details on either our phone number which is on our website at or by email which is Helmets are required for all bikes and open top cars, and any vehicles running 11 seconds or quicker on the quarter mile and/or 100 mph across the finish line. See you at the strip! Gates open 6.00pm Friday 2nd October Track opens for RWYB 10.00am - 6.00pm Saturday & 10.30/11.00am - 5.00pm Sunday
  8. The raceway is held at Long Marston Airfield which is near Stratford - upon - Avon. We are generally looking for people to come to our public track days where you can race any car. We have a number of options for clubs including interclub shootouts with all competitors getting a detailed printed timing ticket after they have raced down the track. The track is a quarter mile straight run to see who can get to the end in the quickest time! To be able to offer the timing ticket we need to know when you will be attending so we can designate an area where the club and members can pit together. We can also run an interclub competition and as long as race control know when you want to use the strip then all your cars can run on block times. To do this all members need to be issued with the same prefix letter and number and the race computer will do the rest. We are able to hold static meets on the site as well as facilities on the site are available all year round. If this is something that would benefit you then we would be more than happy to hear your ideas and suggestions! Please feel free to email me if you are interested in attending or have any more questions. The prices for the Public Track days are as follows:- Gate: £12 per person per day or £22 per person per weekend (Advance £20 - weekend only). Run What Ya Brung Track Fee: £20 per person (unlimited) or £35 per person for a weekend of unlimited runs. *Children under 16s free (accompanied by an adult). *Free overnight camping with two day tickets. *Catering and Bar facilities. *Free Grandstands & Pit Entry *Showers & Toilets On our website we have just posted up the event details for our next Public Track dates which are 5th/6th September. Feel free to visit this link to read these...
  9. Prostreet Drag

  10. Shakespeare Says Hello

    Hi and thanks for allowing us to join the Lexus Owners Club Forum. With an active interest in the world of drag racing and import racing for Japanese cars I was wondering if you guys would allow us to post some event information about our RWYB and, in particular our Pro Street Drag Series competitions which takes place at Stratford-Upon-Avon's Shakespeare County Raceway. We run quite a number of Public Track Days and Weekends for all types of car club enthusiasts from the serious track day addict to the guys who create modified mania. Inter-club competitions on the drag strip between club members and clubs are a particular feature, but I'll let you know more about that and other aspects of these fun events if permission is granted for further posts to be published. Please advise which thread(s) to use. Over the years we've seen quite a few Lexus Owners take to the quarter mile but none this year so far! We look foward to your response with the blessing of good fortune for other Lexus Owners Club events around the UK. Regards Shakespeare PS: Check us out at
  11. Prostreet Drag

    We have our 'Pro-street Drag Series' coming up soon so if you want to attend on either the 5th and 6th September for Round 4 or the 17th and 18th October for Round 5 then here's what you have to do...! 1. Register for free on and then post up in the 'Enter Here' section to be assigned a race number. 2. Make sure you have a vehicle with seatbelts, suitable clothing, full drivers licence and a crash helmet which is always recommended if you have a soft top or a vehicle that runs quicker than 11 secs or faster than 100mph over the quarter mile! After each run you will be issued with a certificate of speed showing important run data! Admission is £12 per person per day or £22 for weekend pass RWYB Track is £20 per person or £35 for a weekend. P.S If you do want to attend us for the pro-street, please drop us an email entitled 'Prostreet drag series' telling us your names, the number of people signing up and for which weekend it is! Thankyou! :winky:
  12. Shakespeare County Raceway

    Hi everyone! My name is Sandra and i have just recently started working for the raceway on promotions. I was just wondering if it would be ok for me to post up some information about our upcoming events and what these entail in case anyone was interested in attending?