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  1. anyone know if anyone makes them or whre i can get any from ???
  2. seat belts dont retract reverse nexxt to 1st dont like seat belt flashing permanetly when not on :) WHY DO ALL THE STEREOS HAVE TO BREAK !!!!
  3. hi recently i fitted some hids to the car once in i noticed that the passenger side was lower that the driver side... so i tried turning the circular thing just behind it but i dident seem to be moving it up or down ?? does anyone know if your facing the engine which way it should be turned to make it go UP on the PASSENGER side ???? thanks
  4. hi as the title says my cars used to idle at 750 which it should but now the car is tending to idle at 500 most of the time i did clean the throttle bodie about a month ago so could this of affected it plus have got kn panel filter ??
  5. its does look like there isnt a bulb there but i can assure you there is its just hiddden lol and both mine were blown think its just condensation that gets into them there real hard to change though wel were on mine..
  6. hi just a quick question ive just bought some apex 40mm lowering springs off ebay and they came and they seem very tall?? all i was going to ask was does anyone know how high in mm are the standard springs are ?? and how much they should they be with 40mm OFF ?? so i can tell whether they are the right ones before i take them off thanks.
  7. should think so never brake hard enough for abs lol the left bulb is slightly black on tip but still works fine ??
  8. yer but i got full system new air filter plugs etc mite make a diffrence slighly... just always wanted to gtake it on a rr lol
  9. gona get it on a rolling road soon heres a few pictures of it anyway....
  10. my bulbs are fine in the rear and the light is still on constantly ?
  11. if it was an aftermarket sat nav into your old console how would it get charged when it was low on battery ??
  12. just fully polished the car now with the new wheels ordered some 40mm springs to come here a few pics anyway...
  13. ijust left them ith my car dident just take tem the rims would of been cheaper but i cou;ldent be bothered..
  14. hi i have an se with sat nav just wondering can you not get it updated ??
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