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  1. Please help! I've owned my 2007 (57) IS220D since march this year, and it has now completed 77000 miles. It has full main dealer history upto 60000 miles, with the 70000 service being completed by a trusted local independant, following the Lexus schedule in full. Driving up the M6 last week, the car seemed to hesitate under throttle as if being starved of fuel or similar, shortly afterwards the VSC Check / Traction Control and Engine Management lights all came on and I ended up being recovered by the AA back to my dealer in Essex. The dealer have quoted the best part of £2000 to repair (DPNR?) the car, saying that Lexus wont contribute because its out of warranty (mileage only) and the last service wasnt completed by Lexus. I've since spoken to Lexus customer services and they had 'no case logged'. Has anyone else had this fault, and how was it handled by Lexus? Long is the legend of Lexus customer service, but thus far Im not feeling the love. I appreciate I stepped outside the dealer network for the 70 k service, but hey it was half the price, and done to at least the same standard by someone I trust. Added to that it was out of warranty on the mileage side of things. What I'm concerned about is whether this is a common eg known fault, if so I dont think I should just roll over and pay. Since starting to type Lexus have offered to contribute, so my new bill will be £900......... Thoughts and ideas please guys