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  1. My Gs Wooden Wheel For Your Leather

    email sent.thanks
  2. looking for a leather steering wheel for my 2008 GS450h,either to buy or swap my wooden one for.. thanks
  3. that one has been on eBay every week for at least 4 years!! must have cost him more than the asking price in listing fee's by now lol..
  4. no problem,I just posted it as you caught me on the way out...
  6. hi guys,i got the vaistech VML in the end and it works flawlessly.Tony,im guessing yours didnt work because you couldnt get it programmed? I struggled as the manual talks about waiting for confirmation beeps but I emailed the support guys and it turns out some cars dont beep,ie the once I got past that it works a treat :) added bonus was I found a lexus ipod kit in the car which i dont need so will sell and part fund the VML :)
  7. picked up my 450 yesterday,awesome car but one thing i am puzzled by is the overhead glasses holder? my mk2 gs300 had one and this appears to have a panel and the space but it wont open? does it actually have a holder or is this just a blanking panel? thanks!
  8. hi folks,should be collecting my 450 next week,its on a 56 plate,I would like to know what my options are regarding connecting mp3/ipod/sd card for playing MP3s from,from what I can work out I am fairly limited on a 56 plate as they didnt get an aux socket until the 08 facelift? I dont have an ipod currently but can pick one up if thats the best option? how much control will the touchscreen/steering wheel give me if I fit a kit and which kit is regarded as best? many thanks stew excited!!
  9. hi all, I have a 1999 GS300 sport and am looking to upgrade to a mk3..gs430 is ticking all the right boxes but does anyone have any idea how they compare on mpg? obviously the 430 isn't going to be fantastic,I've owned 2 v8 soarer's before this 300 and the soarer active was absolutely awful on fuel..the 300 isn't brilliant but is tolerable so how does the 430 compare? 90% of driving would be city. thanks :)
  10. that certainly looks to be the case if you buy one today so has quite possibly always been the case. thanks again :)
  11. hi,I am looking what's available on the market at the mo as I am looking to replace my 99 gs300 sport in the new year with a mk3,one criteria the replacement must meet is that it has to have adaptive cruise... I quite like the look of this one but can anyone tell from the pictures if it has ACC? the seller doesn't know and i am awaiting a reply... any other thoughts on this car/pricing? thanks stew b
  12. had my 300 just over a week now and the only problem i have with it is the passenger front door central locking-it doesnt work.. the only way i can lock or unlock the door is manually with the key,even the lock switches on the doors dont lock it. i removed the door card and both control cables are in place,i tried to get the lock out to inspect the cable plug but it is very tricky to get out due to the window regulator..on my old soarer and celica i had similar issues that was down to corrosion on the connection plug on the lock.. the indicators only flash if i have manually locked the door so the car knows its not locked if i havent done some of the sytem knows what its doing! any ideas? thanks