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  1. ive not had a dyno done to it, but i can defo tell a difference in speed. ive asked the guy who fit my coilovers on to get me some sort of proof; like a copy of the maps or sumfin to show what his done. i was pretty sceptical myself until I drove it. might not sound good to you, but sounds perfect to me- havin it kick in just before 3rpm has made a sound diference what i was told was that the lexus will get quicker over the next couple of weeks, he said something about it having to adapt to the new remap. he also said put in premium fuel in for the next couple of days (shell v-power or something on the same line)and then go back to usual fuel. ill drive it around for a month and ill let you no how I get on. I was thinking about taking the car on a track and recording the dash to see how quick it gets to 60mph. maybe then it would remove all the sceptical thoughts people are having. Sorry about late replies have been at working all weekend and jus got time to reply.
  2. Hi, This is probably my 3rd thread on LOC, however, i constantly use this website to get ideas and also research for my lexuss is200 2001. but today i thort id do a little thread explaining my ECU REMAP. Recently i slammed the car right down on some diayama coilovers, and the guy who fitted these on my car told me his brother had a tuning shop which did ecu modding and remaps. alot of freinds and folks i asked said it was impossible to map an OEM ecu on the is200 but this guy was keen it was possible and said he did many times before so i thort id give mine a go. anyways dropped my car off earlier 2day and about 2 hours later got the call saying the mod had been done. instantly i could tell a huge difference. normally the VVTI kicks in around 4 - 4.5rpm but it now kicks in much earlier at around 2.5 - 3 rpm. the engine sounds alot more cleaner and aggressive and the actual speed of the car has definatelly increased. does any1 know how this could be done on an OEM ECU? rgards Qab
  3. Isit easy to rebuild? Would love to do this but not really a mechanical person. Yeah, just a socket set and vice needed (quite a wide jaw needed) Brilliant, ill take the car to lexus on the weekend and if the problem is what has been diagnosed here, i will pop into halfords and purchase the seal kit. Thanks Buddy,
  4. Isit easy to rebuild? Would love to do this but not really a mechanical person.
  5. The sound cant be heard if the window is closed, but can be heard if u turn the wheel with the window down. Its definatelly not normal as ive hot heard it before.
  6. Hi, I am a new member to this forum and was told by a friend this would be the best place to ask about the problem im having with my Lex. Right, my Lexus makes a screeching noise whenever i turn the wheel left or right, it happens when car is stationary and also when car is moving, however it dies out once im doing around 15-20mph (unless i cant hear it due to the engines sound). Im 19 and dont know much about the mechanical side of cars, i have asked my dad and hes saying it could be the power steering slippin, which as far as i can work out means the belt isnt catching onto the power steering pulley as smoothly as it should be? Has anyone had a similar problem and what was done about it? I will be taking the car to lexus on the weekend but just seeing if i can get any leads beforehand. Thanks, Qab