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  1. Sorted mate, it was the heatshield underneath the car! somehow the sound was traveling and sounded like it was coming from under the bonnet lol.
  2. Can anyone describe what worn upper mounts would sound like in the cabin? When I am driving I randomly get a 'metallic' tapping sound almost like putting a screw in a metal tin and shaking it - It sounds like it's coming from under the bonnet at the top almost feels like something is actually hitting the bonnet, which it's not as I've checked. It's really hard to explain but is driving me nuts lol, I've checked most things and made sure it wasn't something stupid like a loose screw in the flooring of the engine bay etc.. checked all pipes running through pipework, exhaust, anything I can find really and nothing seems to cure it.
  3. Howdie! I need a bit of advice, Brains of Britain here has managed to dent his car... I failed to see my Dad's car behind me in my drive.. as you do. I'm a bit gutted as for a 11 yr old car it was mint not a scratch or dent on it. I asked a few PDR companies and none would touch it as they said it was too deep and would stretch/crack when popping out, so I thought what the hell I might as well give it a bash (Excuse the pun) and popped most of it out with my top of the range PDR tool kit (The end of a toothbrush). So still unhappy with how it was looking I was faced with paying £170 and getting a bodyshop to repair it so I decided for the the more economical approach of whacking a badge over it :P It covers it completely and you cannot tell it's there unless you're me or my Dad.. He definitely knows it's there lol. But I think it makes the back too cluttered especially as it's next to another badge. Sooo.. I was thinking debadge? It looks more tidier but I do like the badges so I will miss them lol. I don't know what to do, in the long run I will get a second hand boot and swap everything over but for now shall I keep the sticker and leave it as it is or lose the badges or sticker and just show the dent off like the **** driver I am This concludes my dilemma, I'll continue with my life now.. and fixing my Dad's car.
  4. Thats cool mate already got the socket just want to make sure it's actually the ocv before I undo it lol.
  5. Hey guys, can anyone advise? cheers
  6. Hey All, Is this the Oil control valve? I wanted to check to make sure the filter was clear? It seems to be some big daddy bolt too, I will need to buy a socket for it if anyone knows what size it is?
  7. I am just picturing one of your neighbours glancing out of their window seeing a bloke running around his car waving a torch in the air lol. Nice pics buddy, car looks ace.
  8. Hey guys, I've killed my rear tyres I am running standard IS200 rims with 214/45/17 all round, should I stick some replacement 215/45s on the back or would it be worth putting some 225/45s on?
  9. Cheers guys, gonna whack a new set of discs and pads on there and see what happens. Caliper isn't seized as I overhauled them last week but a few months back one of the slide pins were as good as stuck so it may well have been on its way to seizing in the past. Will update once pads and discs have been fitted.
  10. Hi guys, I am really stumped by this one... Under braking my steering wheel shakes from left to right quite harshly, it doesn't always happen.. it seems to come on when the brakes are warm. for example if I brake from 50mph quite sharply it will start out fine but half way through the braking action the steering wheel start to shake if i let off the brakes and reapply again it will continue to shake. This is what I've done. Rotated wheels Balanced wheels Removed pads cleaned up brakes and regreased slider pins New lower ball joint which had play in it WIM alighnment After all this the problem is still there, I've visually inspected the brake discs and they don't seem warped not by eye anyway, there is slight lip on them but nothing to severe. The car is lowered by 40mm on standard 17" IS200 alloys. Any help or suggestions will be very much appreciated.
  11. Hey guys after a bit of advice if possible, I stupidly reversed my previously mint IS200 into a Clio. I've totalled the driver side of the Clio big style my car has a scuff on the bumper that will buff out and a dent the size of a golf ball above the lexus badge. I've pushed the worst out myself but will never be perfect been quoted about 200 to havr bodyshop correct it but I've found a used boot on ebay for 70 which obv is a lot cheaper. How much work is it to change the boot over? Or if anyone could recommend a paintless dent remover in surrey area ? Cheers guys. From one depressed is200 owner.
  12. I am glad you have managed to resolve your issue mate but I thought I'd just say for reference of anyone viewing this topic with a simular issue, check your coolent level - I had this and it was low coolent and the cracking noise was an air lock due to this. Daz
  13. This is more a mini rant rather than a question / worth while topic.. sorry I just have to say what a pain in the arse it is to change the oil on the IS200, draining and refilling no problem but getting to the filter is another story, the air was blue and my knuckles were red :(
  14. Isit me or is your power steering fluid filled to the brim mate?
  15. More than likely fouled coilpack. That's where I would start anyhow swap the coilpacks around and rescan.
  16. Coils tend to go in pairs mate, my first action would to be to rotate the coils and retest for fault codes to confirm.
  17. I had that problem with my lights, although mine are aftermarket HID- It turned out to be the bulb, confirmed by swapping the ballasts either side.
  18. Sounds like a coil pack to me matey, did you replace all of them previously or just two?
  19. Hi guys, does anyone know if there is any holes or grooves behind the door mouldings in the IS200? I fancy smoothing the doors out.
  20. I'm not sure fella, they was on the car when I got it. They are red if that is any help
  21. I like this mate good even drop. Mine is lowered but the back sits too high.
  22. One yr NCD, 22, Paying £245 a MONTH. But I have been a very naughty boy in the past so it's fully justified.
  23. Hi guys, I've seen a few Lexies with a shorter gear stick, how is this acheived.. with a hacksaw? I've got a TRD short shifter installed so it feels nice and tight but it's a bit too long- I only wish I could say the same about something else
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