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  1. Removed the second O2 sensor, cleaned with petrol - still no luck. Went to fill it up with fresh V power tried "driving it out" does rev to the end and gearchabges fine but once it picks up revs you can feel a sort of missfire... sadly the diagnostics are not showing any coil problems (which I think would be detected and would possibly cause a EML??) hope someone can help
  2. Hi, I've recently got myself a rare pearl white Toyota Aristo 1999 2jz VVT-i with only 60k on the clock (mix of mph/kmph) but only did around 300 miles before a few issues arrised ;/ The car is not running smooth when it idles on cold the revs dont seem to jump but the engine feels shaky (I was thinking the spark plugs are gone as they are hard to replace, they were horrible+2jz rocker cover problem was present.. I replaced the spark plugs with new NGK, tightened the rocker covers but the issue is still there) . I did the pin diagnostic and I found: Engine codes: 21 o2 main? 27 o2 secondary? ABS: 33 (not sure? advice please?) ECT: 43 (not sure, advice please?) So the abs and traction light is on ;/ the engine light is off but the engine doesn't run smooth and doesnt rev up nice aswell... I took off the right hand side O2 sensor and soaked it in petrol/cleaned - that didnt help... I then found another O2 sensor closer to the fire wall but could not remove it ;/ when the engine is running I tried unplugging both of them and the running doesn't change (which would indicate a fault with them) as when the MAF is disconnected the car dies straight away. Any advice at all? keep looking at this fully loaded aristo and wishing to drive it but due to the issues I must keep it as my garden ornament for the time being ;/ Thank you!
  3. ok so : -I said lexus GB as the whole outside is rebadged to Lexus, the service book is present and has full lexus service history, the paperwork says gs300 sport too. vin etc match... could have been a good conversion then I guess.... -The EML comes on when you switch the ignition but comes off once you start the car so there is no actual fault. -sounds scary with the head gasket but I would see mayo in the oil aswell? the oil looked fresh... the car would overheat aswell... havent seen any of these symptoms (buty does make sense why the EML is not lit...) Think I have 1 more thing to check for that... open radiator cap to see if any bubbles come up on idle -pin wise... erm think it's the top of the plug... 2 connections which are close to eachother (not sure which ones as I've done it a few weeks ago and havent returned to it yet) does anyone have a proper procedure for this? -I think I'm still right about the vertex edition as it has the badge on the side, it's pearl white... has the JBL sound system, touchscreen, folding mirrors, electric steering column and other wacky toys :) To me it feels spark related and I was thinking its the spark plugs or the coil itself... but cant diagnose it that easy due to this old school diagnostic method (I have proper full on BMW diagnostic which shows things like this to me in a few secs, but was never to good with anything below odb2 ;/ )
  4. Hi all, Recently I purchased a Toyota Aristo Vertex that has been fully rebadged and imported by lexus uk.. its the prefacelift GS300 style 2jz non turbo automatic without the tiptronics... it drove nice but later it started loosing power and running rough on idle. As I'm an enthusiast and used to have an IS200 and Supra before I looked in to the common problems and found the spark plugs to be never replaced (the car is on 60k now) and the usual rocker cover leak was present which flooded some of the spark plugs and made some mayo around them... The car was standing for around 2 months so only after I drove it for a couple of days it started running rought (guess the oil pressure helped the oil to make its way out of the rocker cover and partially flood the spark plugs) When I discovered this problem I thought that new spark plugs, rocker tighten and a good clean will solve the issues but sadly after doing all of this the car still runs bad ;/ I tryed the diagnostic port under the bonnet where you connect 2 pins with a wire but for some reason the EML was not flashing ;/ Any suggestions or ideas what it could be? anything welcome, even a good tutorial how to do diagnostics on these :) Much appreciated!!!
  5. mine is about 1200 when cold.. then falls 750
  6. positive - green.. negative white.. dont have any pics .. but you can find some here .. angel eyes are worth of 20h of hard work...p.s add is mine..
  7. Hello, Doing my angel eye conversion, almost complete with the headlight itself, but how did you guys wire them? cut the so called 'parking' light , as i remember ther eis green and white cable ? which one is positive which is negative.. thank you
  8. Hello, Doing my angel eye conversion, almost complete with the headlight itself, but how did you guys wire them? cut the so called 'parking' light , as i remember ther eis green and white cable ? which one is positive which is negative.. thank you
  9. cant see pictures... i did the same today... painted the grill black :)
  10. fog light... so why in the world would you need foglights if you have them in the trunk??????????
  11. Hello, just wanted to be double sure if these are legal in uk or does ant one have a pic of them installed? Thx
  12. has anyone ever done the gold sides in carbon? really want to do it, but not really want to remove the dash..
  13. Hello, Since my golden trim on the dashboard has some scraces i ordered carbon champane color sticker which i was going to apply.. but today i took a deeper look in it, and althought it looks removable on the outside.. if you look closer its connected to all of the dashboard .... is it just me and im so unlucky with my idea.. or is it a really quality build and it is possible to remove. Thank you alot!
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