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  1. HI forum am looking for options?/opinions Got a 07 plate 220d great car would hate to give it up. Here is is my problem not long after i got the car the dreaded VTC/DPF problem happened thankfully the £5000 engine rebuild was paid for by Lexus. Now i live in fear of the the same thing happening again even though i put redex in after every full tank and have it serviced. The car has only done 52k and the fuel consumption is gradually dropping. Do i go for the DPF removal or is there something i am doing wrong And if there is any scottish outlets that perform said removal please let me know. Just one other question have never seen a high mileage 220d do they evaporate into thin air after 60000m? vanmowzer
  2. All got my car back after what seems like an engine rebuild (many thanks to the guys in lexus Glasgow) job done after the dreaded VCR light. Anyhow what now? Will this happen again. Many stories appearing now about EGR valves. Have i now got to drive my lexus up and down a motorway in 3rd gear at 35000revs to make sure the engine cleans itself. Got so much conflicting info about causes from supermarket fuel to slow driving. Give me some actual facts thanks van
  3. Everybody knows about the carbon build up on the 220d engine and one of the problems they say is cheap supermarket fuel(there is no such thing as cheap fuel) Is a fuel additive such as redex or comma d- tox the solution for keeping the engine clean or do they do more harm than good. can a bottle of this stuff save £000s? What do you guys think
  4. Great post but as 6th gear the economy gear should it not be getting better mileage at 70/75. Here is a question i have to travel from glasgow to birmingham and back which is a 600 mile trip my tank says i can go 543mls when full can i mke it.
  5. Thanks but it was the speed limiter that i was not sure about my mistake dont know the value of it
  6. I am very ignorant but what does the tacho do or not do ? Also if any of you guys could recommend the best cleaning products/polish to use inside and out currently useing meguiars which gives a good shine. cheers
  7. Having just purchased my first Lexus am unsure what you can add to this model is220d base model. Love the car but need some ideas.
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