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  1. Hi there was a thread a while ago where someone had replaced their chrome exhaust tips but had 1no of the originals for sale, can anyone point me in right direction as have tried to search but came up blank (better half lost one the other day)
  2. All sorted, problem with master window lock switch
  3. Hi, 2003 passenger window will not operate on either switch(drivers door or passenger) yet still operates when roof is dropped down/raised
  4. Many thanks for response Paul, will try your suggestion at w/end
  5. Hi drivers window will go down but not return, at present have to operate roof for it to close electrically any ideas!!
  6. Thanks again Richard and co Next problem is water in boot?
  7. Update and poss unbeleivable finding, brake disc had sheared in 2 , wheel was turning but disc was stationary( scary really) Replaced both front discs/pads checked rears which are fine Garage said in all his years he had never seen that before, could have been catastrophic Need to replace seals on boot/roof anyone know a supplier P/S will try and post pic of disc later Thanks for all advice
  8. Many thanks for all suggestions, will know better on Mon and hopefully Update then If repair bill isn't to great considering putting on a custom Cybox exhaust whilst in the air(not to boy racey) But would like to hear v8 burble now and then
  9. Thanks Richard on the ramp on Mon, will keep you posted
  10. Hi many thanks for reply Better half was driving car and had to brake sharply, when she went to pull away there was a noise(like something was dragging underneath with the occasional clunk) her description On visual investigation nothing is hanging down but there seems to excessive movement in prop/area Engine is fine gear selection is ok but when driving noise is coming from tunnel area and certainly constant on a revolution Hope this makes sense
  11. Hi anyone had to replace propshaft bearing carrier, looks like I need to replace? Best place for replacement parts / how difficult a job
  12. short while ago raised question which at the time might have sounded crazy changing complete interior to different colour plus a change of alloys well undertook the job and i think the finished project has transformed the car. Any comments (by the way cannot eliminate tyre pressure warning light) original alloys c/w runflats sensors and black interior up for grabs
  13. Hi a short while ago enquired about interior/wheel change,well took it on see pic for finish only problem yes you have guessed light for tyre sensor is on, could someone advise how to eliminate By the way original wheels on run flats and full black leather interior up for grabs
  14. Hi just purchased first sc, purchased set of 19inch ascari alloys to improve appearance, trim interior is black,better half would have preffered cream(can never win)been offered alternative at a reasonable price has anyone ever changed theirs,i know initially sounds crazy but was able to purchase the current car at a good price, any comments would be greatly received