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  1. Thanks for the replies, much appreciated. Sounds like the 450h is the slightly more economic overall. Will go and drive both to decide if the 450h is worth the additional purchase cost. There do seem to be some vey nice GS300's around for relatively little money at the moment so will have to weigh up the overall costs. Thanks again for the info. Steve
  2. Hi, Newbie looking for a bit of advise please. Looking to buy either a GS300 or GS450h and was wondering is there a vast difference in fuel consumption. I do approx 12k a year (40% short town commute and 60% longer motorway runs). Is the 450h any better than a 300 in say an 8 mile commute through town? I would guess there's not much between them on longer runs as the 450 uses the 3.5V6 at higher speed but was wondering how good it is around town. Would be interested to hear what others are getting MPG wise. Also, do the 18" Alloys on the SE-L significantly compromise the ride quality over the standard 17" wheels on the SE? Will hopefully be a new owner very soon so any info or advise is much appreciated. Thanks Steve