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  1. I’ve had Lexus and Toyota wheels replaced under warranty in the past but the shiny Takumi wheels appear to be very susceptible to chips. Don’t think chips would be a warranty job though. I’ll monitor things for a while and let my local centre know.
  2. For you ES Takumi drivers out there how are you finding the durability of the finish of the wheels? I’m finding mine are chipping very easily. It’s almost like the lacquer coat finish is too thin. Anyone experiencing anything similar? Cheers Habu
  3. Show me how to use iOS mirroring using Miracast.
  4. Good luck using CarPlay with Miracast.
  5. And finally, carefully, follow the instructions. You’ll need a FAT32 flash drive of at least 16GB. Then the joy of leaving the engine running for 1 hour whilst it updates the files.
  6. And then to here... https://www.lexus-tech.eu/Navigation/base
  7. Then go here... https://www.lexus-tech.eu/Menu/Owner
  8. Yes, the link you tried is kaput. Go here and register, it’s free. https://www.lexus-tech.eu/
  9. Your nearest Lexus centre would be able to advise an approximate date based on your model, trim and colour choice. These dates are pretty close to the actual date. I don’t understand how your colleague has been waiting 9 months; that doesn’t sound right. Normally, a factory order is bang on 3 months from order to receipt but when the ES was released 12 months ago us ‘early adopters’ ended up waiting around 6 months because of demand and availability of the 4th generation engine and hybrid system. Again, normally, once the initial rush is over to be one of the first to own a new model things settle down. Speak to your nearest Lexus centre and let us know how you get on.
  10. Thanks Phil. I didn't think to look under Repairs. There are two DCU audio software versions available. L2 multimedia and L1.5 multimedia. I need to find out which one is right for my system but for the time being I've downloaded both versions. Cheers Habu
  11. Thanks for the reply. I must be having a senior moment as I can’t see the TSBs. I’ve looked in Owner > Map & Software Update and elsewhere too. Can you specifically point me in the right direction. Kind regards Habu
  12. Do you have to pay for access first to see the TSBs? cheers Habu
  13. Updated my navdb_version this afternoon to 2019 v2. Very easy process but having the engine running for exactly an hour is a chore. Noticed Audio is 1010 and Nav is 1520. Do any ES owners have different versions to me? Cheers Habu
  14. Are there UX, NX and ES without Nav in the UK? I thought they all came with Nav nowadays? Maybe it’s a European thing.
  15. AC and AA are now mentioned as standard on the UK website but only for certain models such as the ES and NX. Having been driving the 2020 RX with it on its glorious 12.3” screen I need it in my ES too. Pity us ‘19 early adopters have to live without it and also not have full connected service either. Very frustrating.