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  1. Yes, Lexus UK was already a niche market, now it’s going to be even more so. Is the UX going to be the cheapest car they will sell? For many people the UX is too small (boot especially) and too expensive. The smallest saloon will now be the ES but be prepared to wait for it - 6 months or more. The cheapest coupe will be the RCF, assuming it will still be sold.
  2. I was at my local centre today and I was told that the CT, IS and RC are getting dropped from the lineup this September. I’m maybe not surprised by the CT but the others?!? Shame we’ll not be getting the new MY21 IS as it looks very good.
  3. That’s one of my few pet hates with Lexus. They have all that screen real estate and yet the screen is not fully utilised to show artist and track or radio station, etc. and you have to scroll across to see all the data. There’s enough blank space to show all the data even if it’s on 2 lines. I have mentioned this a couple of times to Lexus hoping a software update could change it but I’m still waiting.
  4. Habu


    Each their own, of course, but I’m not sure why people really need the hardcopy when the electronic version (which is updated periodically) is available on your smartphone, tablet and PC/Mac. The lengthy document is, to me, infinitely easier to read on a tablet than a book plus you’re got the ability to word search and zoom in/out on the electronic version. SH20, you may have a point about FOMO but as I started off with...each their own. If you need the hardcopy then fair enough.
  5. Habu


    The lack of manuals will be a case of cost saving as printed documents aren’t cheap (1-2 manuals x tens of thousands of vehicles); plus more and more people rely on digital information. Case of some people want a physical daily newspaper whilst I read The Times and Telegraph online.
  6. Habu


    I don’t believe I had that manual when I collected my ES but I prefer the electronic versions anyway. On my iPad the electronic version is about the same physical size as the printed version plus the electronic version is updated frequently whereas the printed version, obviously, is not. I also like the electronic version for its word searching and ability to zoom into some small text or drawing.
  7. Habu


    Yes, I would have preferred psi but I’m pleased that it has auto location, i.e. each tyre pressure is displayed rather than a light on the dash suggesting one or more tyres are under inflated. I like it shows the pressures just by turning on the ignition although you do have to wait a few seconds.
  8. Habu


    As far as I know the ES is only in bar. Mine is and I accept it’s 2.4 all round. It doesn’t bother me. My wife’s Mazda CX-30 has 4 different pressure scales to pick.
  9. Courtesy of Phil over on the NX forum. There’s a 2020 free map update plus updates to the Audio and Navigation software.
  10. All sorted now. A new engine start has rebooted the system has returned the navdb to 2020 v1. Well done, Phil, on both the Audio and navdb. :)
  11. Cheers Phil. Must be the L2 then. Just been out to update so now have Audio 1046 and Nav 1540. The navdb_version has now changed from 2020 v1 to P0NB00_2_NDSLIB. I've no idea what that is and why it changed. Habu
  12. Looking again at the DCU for the ES on the Tech site there are 2 versions for the ES (only 1 for the NX). One for L2 multimedia and L1.5 multimedia. I'll take a wild guess that my 2019 ES is L1.5. Anyone know for sure? I've downloaded both for now. Cheers Habu
  13. Version 1010 for the ES large screen hasn’t changed since I picked the car up in September 2019. You’d think there would be common software across models?
  14. Thanks for the heads up. Nav is now 1540 and currently downloading the map update. Strange that the audio for my ES is still 1010. This is the current version. Regards Peter