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  1. Maybe the photos of the ES F Sport but the rear taillights looked smoked. Are they, as they look very smart?
  2. I’m surprised centres are permitted to sell ES models from the showroom as they’re not easily replaced. My nearest centre sold its ES showroom model to a walk in and now they can’t get a replacement from Lexus due to lack of stock. I’m thrilled for the walk ins though👍. The ES in F Sport trim looks stunning in white.
  3. Don’t forget the side view works even when the door mirrors are folded in. Handy, if you’re squeezing into a tight garage.
  4. Just been out to check. When the Auto button is lit the car shows the front or rear view plus the corresponding top down view when your speed drops below 8mph. The top down view can be further zoomed in if your click on the front or rear of the car. My top down view is always present whether I’m in drive or reverse. You can see the Auto button on the bottom right corner of the screen.
  5. It’s the same gap all the way around but I know what you mean about trying the side. It almost needs a tiny bit shaving off the underside of the cover to one side. I’ll explore more when I get my ES in the summer but it’s good to know we have a solution.
  6. Firstly, the US cable works fine with my iPhone XS Max. The ES and my NX both recognise the iPhone in the infotainment system. You need to remove the rubber USB cover first (don’t worry, it clips back on). The USB end of the cable works either side like Apple’s lightning cable and, yes, you can close the lid! But it’s a tight fit. For example, when you press the lid release button you’ve got to give it a gentle hand to release as the cable has wedged it shut. The cable, however, is braided so should put up with some abuse. Any questions - just ask. And now the pics...
  7. I just push the auto button and the front camera (and top down view) show every time I drop below 7mph. You should have reverse and top down when you engage reverse. You can also hover over the top down view to blow up the front or rear view.
  8. I hear you on that sort of thing. Some showroom cars look dreadful under the spot lights with swirls in the paint. Certainly doesn’t leave the factory like that.
  9. I’m ok with the track pad, it’s the infotainment system that frustrates me at times. Strange re the rust spots. At least it’ll be swapped for new.
  10. Vince, yes my camera on the NX is the same so I learn just to give it a wipe from time to time but my mileage is limited. If I was driving big mileage it would niggle. Re the boot plate it’ll get sorted. Has it been badly scratched?
  11. I personally don’t want the printed manuals. Firstly, they were probably printed months ago and could be slightly out date plus searching for information is harder than electronic. I have the digital copies of the Lexus manuals. Copied to iBooks on my iPad so the actual size is the same size as the printed version plus searching for stuff is easy and the added benefit of increasing or decreasing the text size, etc. Much better in my opinion
  12. When did you order for a proposed August date? I ordered 2 March and got a proposed ETA of 20 July. Be interesting to see when other members ordered and what their ETA is. We’ll be able to see if the lead times are consistent or getting better (or worse) with time.
  13. We’ll need an ES Yorkshire met up sometime post September. Mine’s still due back end of July but I may wait until September. I’ll ask the Centre, shortly, for a line off date.
  14. My 2018 NX Premier only has 2-way on the drivers seat, nothing for the passenger although I still find them very comfortable. However, one of the (many) reasons for ordering an ES Takumi is for the 4-way lumbar for both front seats and drivers seat thigh extension which is very long. It comes up behind my knees and pushes them up. For me, the seats are very comfortable and cosseting. Still stands that a luxury car should have some lumbar adjustment for the driver, at least.
  15. On my NX there are 2 rear camera modes. One with the 3 quadrants lit up (wide but slightly fish eye) and one with 1 quadrant lit up (less wide but less distorted). You can click on either and, in the case of the NX at least, it stays with the last selected image when you restart the car. Quality-wise, I’m more than satisfied.