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  1. Oh how I’ve missed the NX and those wonderful headlights and cornering lights and the tech. I had a new Yaris Icon to begin with (body shop only has Yaris’ as it’s a body shop owned by the Toyota / Lexus group in my part of the country). Yaris was awful, horrid clutch and woeful lights plus it never warmed up. After 2 weeks of Yaris ownership the shop got me a new CT for the final 2 weeks. Just the basic CT but NVH has improved a lot with the facelight over the original I had many years ago. As quiet as the NX too even under full throttle load. Great non-leather seats (a bit like alcantara), warmed up very nicely but still woeful headlights. It had AHB and land departure, etc. but I would have preferred LED lights over AHB halogens.
  2. Well after 4 weeks I’ve finally got my NX back! Whilst waiting for the warranty to be approved (formality as there was a defect in the paint) some tw@t in a large vehicle clouted my car whilst safely parked up by the office. The OSF wing was history (high up impact) plus gouges on the front bumper. Impact also broke the bracket holding the headlight unit in. Thankfully Lexus body shop took car in a couple of days later and warranty work approved too at the same time. The delay? The near side rear quarter light broke whilst removing it to do the warranty work. That was a 3 week back order. The only bonus was the car was sat in the warm body shop (covered over) after being painted so lots of time to harden up. NX now back home and looks perfect. (fingers crossed).
  3. Dealer finally found a tinkling noise that's been driving me mad as it was constant. Turns out it the overhead light assembly as pressing on the surround killed the noise. Solution: ordered a replacement unit and hopefully fitted in a few days. Whilst thoroughly washing (and drying) the car last weekend I found a small dot on the nearside C pillar. I tried removing it to no avail so pointed it out to the dealer whilst talking about the tinkling noise. Dealer and me both flummoxed as you cannot feel anything when running a finger over the spot. Popped into the dealer bodyshop who said it's something under the lacquer and it'll need repainting! There's no way the manufacturer (takumi artists) would have missed something at the manufacturing stage so what could it be? It looks like a tiny stone chip but there's no break in the lacquer. p.s. I've had to log onto this site on my Mac as I cannot connect now via iOS???
  4. Habu

    NX ordered today

    There are areas where little is seen for a few days such as the leg between Indonesia and Africa but on the whole I had ‘my’ vessel in sight all the way from Japan. I used the MarineTraffic app on iOS. The Ship Finder app was practically useless for tracking as it only showed the vessel in a port until it was near UK waters. There’s a lot more info on MarineTraffic too about the ship and its journey.
  5. Habu

    32 psi seems soft

    I wasn’t suggesting I was going to ‘mess around with them’, it was more a case of being surprised the optimal pressure was a lowish 2.2 bar (32 psi) for all 4 tyres. But I do entirely agree with what you say in general about changing pressures for perceived better mpg or grip, etc. I’ve always stuck to the recommendated pressure, I’ve just not had a car a low as 32 psi for a long time.
  6. I know tyre and car manufacturers spend huge amounts of time working out the optimal tyre pressures for our cars but, if I’m reading the b-pillar plaque correctly, 32 psi for an NX running on 18’s doesn’t sound like a lot especially given its weight. The only reason I query this is doing something like a 3-point turn the steering is heavy although it feels fine on the move. My previous car, a Kia Sportage of similar weight was 36 all round whereas the wife’s small Mazda CX-3 is 33 (f) and 30 (r). I presume everyone here is running on 32 all round? cheers Peter
  7. I checked the sensitivity this morning and it’s set right in the middle. I’ll drop it one and see what happens tomorrow morning.
  8. Mirror glass went dark blue this morning as soon as the nav screen went into night mode. Headlights automatically on. Turning off the RVM returned the door mirror glass to clear. Turning the RVM back on again the door mirror glass went dark blue. As soon as there’s more natural daylight the blue colour goes away.
  9. The last 2 mornings (light but sun not yet up) both doors mirrors have been heavily tinted blue. It looks like someone has stuck a blue film to the mirrors. I know the car has auto dimming mirrors as have my previous Lexus but I’ve never seen this before. Any suggestions other than take it back to the dealer. It does appear to dim in proper daylight but there’s still an outline there. cheers Peter
  10. The last 2 mornings (light but sun not yet up) both doors mirrors have been heavily tinted blue. It looks like someone has stuck a blue film to the mirrors. I know the car has auto dimming mirrors as have my previous Lexus but I’ve never seen this before. Any suggestions other than take it back to the dealer. cheers Peter
  11. Forgot to add this interesting photo from yesterday.
  12. Maybe the wheel arches are all part of the aero to steer air flow away from turbulent areas? Is it strange that they are not uniform in shape but their odd shape may be designed in? Purely a guess though.
  13. Works as I want it now. Thanks.
  14. Makes sense NemesisUK but I wait at lights with the car in Drive and Auto Hold on.
  15. Yup, needles in cluster looked out of place and boot needs to be sorted as there’s no depth to it. I’m sure the boot will be sorted and the cabin will be brightened up with coloured leather trim. The plastic rear bumper hopefully will be sorted too as it’s very low rent. The rear light clusters look better in the flesh but the plastic wheel arch trims are weird as they’re not uniform in shape but head-on shots look good with the LC / NX lights.