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  1. Yes, definitely a slow-burner for Lexus but the MY20 RX features a touch-screen as well as AC and AA.
  2. I’m aware of what it says in the manual but I’ve never been able to mirror any iOS device to any Lexus I’ve owned using Miracast. Android, yes, but not iOS. You clearly can based on your post so can you please add a photo of your iOS device mirroring to your Lexus infotainment screen as I’m interested to see what it looks like.
  3. Do you really need to use wipes? Wipe over once and then bin? I use Meguiars Gold Class leather cleaner and conditioner. I dab some cream from the pump bottle onto a clean microfibre cloth and wipe over the leather. One cloth will do both cars.
  4. That’s an interesting device. It looks small enough to plug in and allow the cover to close. If it works well I’ll get one to avoid the wired look. I’ll only use CarPlay for music and occasional nav as I’d miss the native nav instructions in the 10” HUD.
  5. Don’t know yet regarding prices but it’ll be retrofitted by your Lexus Centre. Toyota have quoted £120 for retrofitting a Corolla and £150 for the RAV4 so I’d guess a similar price.
  6. I’d say 99.9% likely from Q2 2020.
  7. I looked at repainting and it was more than buying an OEM part, pre-painted, from your Lexus Centre. I think I paid around £50ish for a cover which they fitted free. Granted, it's only a small, plastic trim but I was still surprised it was less to buy than to have it repainted. Habu
  8. Do the specs suggest the camera body protrudes less than a regular body or is that a guess? As for aero you’d need to do many miles to recoup £1600 besides a modern big door mirror body can aide aero by moving turbulent air generated by the frontal aspect away from the car and passing laminar flow down the sides. I’m still to be convinced that this rear view camera body will be less to replace than a standard lens body because “you can get 3 lens in a camera for £100 and a camera on a stalk won’t be expensive”.
  9. I wouldn’t think any more than your current door mirrors as the surface area of the camera mirror body is very small. Your rear view camera, however is in an area under significant turbulent air.
  10. That would take some getting used to after years of driving looking outside the car for the rear view image. Imagine the cost to replace if it’s damaged! It might just be the photo but it appears to stick out a long way too.
  11. I recently downloaded 1530 and 1435 but couldn't do anything with either file as they were in a format that my Mac couldn't understand so I gave up. My Mac has always happily undertaken the navdb_version updates but seemingly not the Audio and Navigation. I might have another go sometime. Habu
  12. This is all you get with the ‘19 ES. More connected services came out yesterday with a Lexus Link update but nothing for us although JNK100 says different. Does he have a ‘20 ES or is getting connected services on his ‘19?
  13. So you've got 'find my car' (not that I need that) and driving analytics, etc?
  14. Cycle up and down on the ‘I’ page.