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  1. I’m with you too, Sloth. I’m off as the guy made his points weeks ago but continues with the bombardment of the model. It’s fine to have an opinion - everyone has different reasons to have a certain model - but the constant negative threads on the model isn’t big or clever. The forum is meant to be a friendly open site with some banter but it’s turning personal. Where are the moderators? Irrelevant to me anyway now as I’m off. I’ll enjoy my ES in private.
  2. I understand, from Lexus UK themselves, that they are working on it but unsure of the timescale. Someone, somewhere mentioned September 2019 as being the announcement date but time will tell.
  3. Lexus UK confirmed this afternoon that my ES order has now been allocated a vehicle stock number. Anyone know what that means? I’m guessing it’s a build number ready for being assembled?
  4. Essential, sort of, to me. I like my Apple Music connectivity through CarPlay plus better messages functionality plus use of different nav options like Apple Maps and Waze. My wife’s Mazda was upgraded to have AC and AA and it’s something she loves.
  5. My NX took exactly 3 months from order to delivery. The ES orders appear to be far greater than Lexus expected so there are delays with just this model. Mine was ordered exactly 3 months ago and there no allocation yet for it. Hopefully Lexus UK will advise soon that it has shipped.🤞
  6. 3 months has now passed since my order went in and, as of today, Lexus UK still have no shipping details. Car is due to my local centre around the 20 July so it needs to get a wriggle on. According to Lexus UK they are only aware of the car’s status when it has been allocated to a ship. My current NX, which the ES will replace, is only 8 months old so it’s no hardship waiting a bit longer. Does anyone have any details of their orders?
  7. It needs to come soon. I see the new RX coming this autumn to the UK (and therefore Europe) features CarPlay and Android Auto plus a touchscreen. But we cannot wait for each Lexus model to get a refresh before the connectivity so I’m hoping it’ll be retrofitted to current models. Fingers crossed.
  8. Now that's funny. 🙂
  9. He is starting to sound like a stuck record, isn’t he! Linas, we all get it, you dislike the ES, you hate the 300h, you hate FWD, but give it a rest. You made your point weeks ago. Despite making some valid points (yes, I’d have the 350 engine in a heartbeat) but now you’re just coming across like a troll with nothing better to do.
  10. What about the rest of the 300h's - NX, RC, IS or is it just the ES you have an issue with?
  11. Back on topic....I’ve been trying to track mine to see when it’s going to set off from Japan. As of today, according to Lexus UK, it’s still not allocated. I’m unsure what that means unless it suggests that it still doesn’t have a build slot but surely Lexus know how long it takes an ES to be processed whether I’m next in line to go through the factory or 5000th in line. Habu
  12. “Enter Postcode” works in my 2018 NX. It offers you a few lines of postcode in case it misheard you but yours is usually line 1. You then say “line 1” and off you go.
  13. That’s good to know re road numbers in the 2019 NX’s HUD. I know my, on order, ES shows road names in the HUD so hopefully road number too. Tel, is there any additional stuff in the NX HUD for 2019 apart from road numbers?
  14. Your top spec NX must be different to mine as my HUD doesn’t display ETA, distance to destination or road number, etc.😚 There’s enough space on the 10” infotainment screen so that things like the ETA font size could be increased. Re the zooming back out at junctions the HUD doesn’t always help as the turn is indicative and if it’s a complicated junction the map on the screen is better.
  15. Mine started wandering about recently - maybe started about 4 weeks ago - with the car’s position about a mile out. After a couple of miles it would lock back on. Doesn’t make any difference as to whether the car is navigating to a location or not.