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  1. Any takers? The wheel alone is worth it as a spare. I’m reluctant to bin the mats and boot liner but I need to free up some room. I appreciate we’re in lockdown but I’ll happily hold on to the items if people are interested.
  2. For those of you with an MY20 RX F Sport or Takumi what do you think of the BladeScan headlights? I personally think they are hopeless and the headlights in my previous ES Takumi with adaptive lights were better. So hopeless in fact that I’ve turned off the adaptive bit and now just run them like a normal light - flick forward for high beams and back for dipped. I get more light out of the headlights this way. I think my two biggest criticisms are the lights are not very bright and they don’t travel very far up the road on high beam. The may be ok if you live in a city but I’m in fairly r
  3. Hi Kevin. We had the noise complaints whilst at RAF Fairford in Gloucestershire for the annual RIAT air tattoo. I’m on my sixth Lexus now and bought a new RX Takumi in November from Lexus Teesside. Not sure if I’ll go fully electric next time. My wife’s boss has just bought a Tesla Model 3 for his wife so I’ll be getting updates on that over the next 12 months in terms of build quality and reliability and a mate is getting his Mustang Mach E this month so I’ll be watching that too. Take care.
  4. Lovely collection of cars. Wasn’t that the Hughes that was destroyed in a crash in 2011?
  5. After many years of driving Lexus cars (5 in the last six years) the car’s Apps Store (eStore) has never has anything in it despite the eStore software updating periodically. Today, an app appeared!!! It’s called Coyote and it’s something to do with speed camera positions - I think. Has anyone here used Coyote?
  6. I agree with Herbie regarding his comments regarding Lexus Teesside. It’s my nearest Centre and I’ve purchased my last 6 Lexus from them. CT, IS, GS, NX, ES and RX in that order. GS F Sport was the best my a country mile insofar as quality over the others whilst the ES was the most advanced and complete. I haven’t driven my RX much yet to make any useful comments. When dealing with Teesside I either speak with David, Tom or Chris on the sales side.
  7. I know a member on the ES forum bought his new car from Lexus Carlisle and it was very poorly prepped (black car) but the guy is a detailing Jedi so probably enjoyed a few days of extreme paint correction. I think he has bought previously from Carlisle hence buying from them again even though he has a Lexus dealership on his doorstep in Leeds. I think the guy is SH20 so may have some insight into Lexus Carlisle in more general terms.
  8. With Hyundai (and Kia) having acquired Audi’s head of design and BMW’s head of M it is to be expected that they’d be looking to roll out upmarket SUVs with some fizz. Hyundai’s N models also show performance promise whilst their electric and hybrid models appear to be doing well so they are definitely going places.
  9. I basically deleted the account (not just the app on the phone) and started over again using the same account name and password. I still only have a very basic service which is a waste of time so I’ve now deleted it until Lexus has a fix for the RX.
  10. Got it working again but dealer is saying MY20 RX is incompatible with LL at the moment so I’ve only got basic service. MY20 RX has been out a little over 12 months and it’s still not working properly with LL.
  11. My LL account will no log on and crashes at 65% of logging on. Is anybody else experiencing this? Regards Peter
  12. I noticed, after updating the RX nav software, that my firmware page has a greyed out ‘Update software’ button on the bottom right of the screen. Is it like this on the NX? I know my firmware is probably out of date and it would have been useful to do the update OTA like the maps.
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