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  1. Are there UX, NX and ES without Nav in the UK? I thought they all came with Nav nowadays? Maybe it’s a European thing.
  2. AC and AA are now mentioned as standard on the UK website but only for certain models such as the ES and NX. Having been driving the 2020 RX with it on its glorious 12.3” screen I need it in my ES too. Pity us ‘19 early adopters have to live without it and also not have full connected service either. Very frustrating.
  3. I noticed this evening that both front seats are only 2-way. Why is that? My ES are 4-way on both front seats plus an electric leg extender thingy on the drivers side. ES below.
  4. I’ve got a 2020 RX F Sport to use for a couple or so days whilst I get G3 applied and some leather trim sorted in my ES Takumi. The CarPlay integration is excellent and really suits the large screen plus the revised exterior styling is great on the F Sport and looks particularly aggressive.👍 What I still don’t like are the auto seat heat / cool buttons are still located beyond the “gear stick” but at least there’s a phone holder nearby. I was hoping the F Sport seats were going to be comfortable but I still can’t get settled in them. It’s like I need more adjustability. Still, way better then the backache-inducing NX F Sport seats. My ES Takumi seats, on the other hand are superbly comfortable.
  5. As I’m reading this my centre has just rung to say the same thing. Software update.
  6. Habu

    Owners' manual

    Plus up to date, unlike the paper version. Copy the PDF to a tablet and you’re good to go. It’s readable in bed too.🙂
  7. After being told yesterday by Lexus UK that my MY19 ES is not compatible with Lexus Connected ServIces but the UK MY20 ES will be I don’t know what to believe anymore.
  8. Lexus confirmed today that my MY19 ES will not have Connected Services but the MY20 ES will, along with Apple CarPlay and AA. Still no news regarding retrofitting AC and AA.
  9. You also need to remember to have the mirror selector switch in either the left or right adjustment for the mirrors to dip in reverse. If the mirror selector switch is in the middle the mirrors won’t dip. I think this also applies to cars with memory function. Hopefully, I’ll get my ES back tomorrow after its short holiday away for warranty work as the NX F Sport with Takumi pack has caused me a lot of lower back discomfort, something I didn’t get with my NX Premier. I really find the F Sport seats very uncomfortable as they are both narrow and hard. The lumbar control is poor too. My ES Takumi seats are utter luxury and supremely comfortable, at least to me.
  10. I never have anyone in the back of my car so it’s not a problem to me but if needed I’d get some generic ones from Halfords. It’s not like they need to be that secure like the drivers one. By the way the fronts are amazing pieces of kit (I know it’s just a rubber floor mat) and I’ve never seen a drivers one that incorporates the foot rest. Very high quality and excellent design.
  11. I bought my ES from Lexus Teesside although I first looked at an ES Takumi at Lexus Newcastle. Teesside is my nearest centre.🙂
  12. Correct. The NX F Sport I’m driving for a few days doesn’t have memory seats but set the mirrors when reverse is engaged and the mirror position is locked in. Mirrors return to normal driving position upon engaging D or P.
  13. I’ve got a new NX F Sport with Takumi pack for a few days from today whilst I’m getting a tiny paint defect sorted on my new ES Takumi and was surprised to find both mirrors dipping when in reverse. Missing my ES though as the F Sport seats in the NX are, for me, too narrow and not as cosseting.
  14. Found out, eventually, today from Lexus UK Customer Relations that not all Lexus models are compatible yet with Lexus Link including my ES. "It is currently in the works however we do not have an exact date when it will be available". Oh well, something to look forward to along with Apple CarPlay. <fingers very much crossed for the latter>
  15. Amar from the multimedia team has advised that the service is switched on for my account but I still don’t have Connected Services. I’ve sent him a screenshot of my page where Activate Connected Services should appear. Waiting to hear back from Lexus.