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  1. Well, she has gone to her new home, for the time being at Lexus Leeds. Someone will get something special and immaculate. I even detail the engine bay. 🙂 As a final goodbye - for now - I thought I'd do a quick photo call of my small Lexus history. Probably the 2 standouts were the GS particularly with its yellow powder coated huge brake callipers and giving her the black treatment; and the sublime ES. You counted right - 3x Sonic Titanium but the Deep Blue is an epic colour on the ES. The correct order was CT, IS, GS, NX, ES, RX. Cheers Peter
  2. Unfortunately, no date yet. I ordered November 2021 and the delivery date quickly became December 2022! It’s been revised to late Q3 / early Q4 for delivery but no build date yet so no projected arrival date in the UK.
  3. Yes, EV6 in GT-Line S spec with AWD. 0-62mph in 4.6 seconds so it’s mighty rapid. I think, Lexus-wise, my GS F Sport was probably the best for quality with the RX very close followed by the beautiful ES, then NX, IS and CT. I’ve now a permanent scar on my left shin from bashing it on the sticky-out bit on the UX dashboard 8 months ago so that’s a reminder of my halcyon Lexus days.🙂
  4. Thanks, Barry. Yes, someone is going to get a mint RX. My dealer (who I bought the 6 Lexus from) rang me last week asking if they could buy the car as they’re desperate for good, low mileage stock. Their offer price was £5k less than Lexus Leeds so Leeds will get the car. I’m under no illusion that the Kia won’t be anywhere near as luxurious or meticulously finished as the RX but it’s simply a lifestyle choice for now and I think the Kia will be fun to drive. It has all the features I’d never do without such as a HUD (the Kia is augmented reality or normal), ventilated seats, adaptive (matrix) headlights, decent hifi (the Kia’s system is by Meridian) plus BSM, RCTA, safe exit assist, et al. Will I miss the RX? Absolutely!
  5. I don’t think so as the time had to come but accept it’ll be my last decent car prior to retirement. New Kia’s aren’t so bad - obviously not an RX - but not too shabby either. They’ve come a long way in the last few years and the future is very rosy. I was very close to ordering a Nissan Ariya and that’s quite as tool. More Infiniti than Nissan plus the Genesis GV60 is pretty special too.
  6. I know what you mean, Mike but I like a regular change in cars and, given my now low, local miles (post Covid) it was time to change to a BEV. I'll be pushing up the daisies before I get my money back on PVs and battery storage that I'm getting installed next month but I can currently pay for it so why not. Hopefully, the RX's next owner will benefit from a tremendous car but I fancied a change.
  7. After many years of driving Lexus cars it's now time to own a BEV car as my yearly mileage is only around 3k. I would love the RZ but I will think it'll be too rich for me so I've ordered a Kia GT-Line S AWD. I did look at the UX300e but it wasn't for me and I wanted a BEV built on a dedicated platform. I was intending to p/x the Lexus when I get the Kia (possibly late Autumn-early Winter) but I have decided to sell the car back to a Lexus Centre whilst the used car values are still fairly high. It's an RX Takumi (November 2020) with around 4700 miles on the clock and is going to Lexus Leeds this week. It's an immaculate RX Takumi in Sonic Titanium with rich cream leather interior and brown shimamoku inlays. Comes complete with protection pack (mud flaps, boot liner and rubber floor mats) and f/r dash cams. My Lexus journey was CT, IS, GS F Sport, NX Premier, ES Takumi (my favourite) and, finally the RX (I always wanted an RX at some point). Hopefully the new owner will treat it as well as I did. Cheers Peter
  8. Okay, it’s sorted but through trial and error. It looked like it hooked onto the grill surround but actually it just clicked when I pushed quite hard on it. Still doesn’t answer how it became loose but at least it is back and secure.
  9. So I’m washing my 2020 RX today and got to the spindle grill and, WTF, there’s a loose piece. The only thing stopping this piece from falling out is that it’s attached by a plastic strap to the car. On closer inspection it looks like a removable part to get to the towing eye. It’s on the left side of the grille just above the front sensor. I have a couple of questions: - I’ve washed the car many times and never noticed that part of the grille was loose so why now? - I can’t see a way to clip it back on. The owners manual is useless. There’s no impact damaged to the trim so it’s not like something has hit it and broken a clip behind it. Any suggestions? Cheers, Habu
  10. Okay, the battery was where I thought it was, hiding away there in the boot. Mmmm, I’d really need to remove the battery to charge it. I don’t know if this’ll cause any issues.
  11. I’m doing so little miles now in my 2020 RX that the 12v battery keeps (according to Lexus Link) going almost flat. The car has always started but I’m thinking if putting a 12v battery charger on it. A couple of questions if I may: - where is the 12v battery? I really should know this😳 - can I slap any 12v car charger on it without causing issues and leave it plugged in? thanks Habu
  12. True that but the infrastructure will be non existent in rural parts of the UK. Might work if you live in London and immediate area. I’m hoping that Lexus will bring something out in a couple of years but I’m not hopeful.
  13. Being told it’s April deliveries now especially for AWD. I don’t know what adding a heat pump makes to the delivery time.
  14. Hi. I had the RX Takumi in for its first service today and I had my first drive in a UX and an electric one at that as a courtesy car. I had quite mixed feelings about it so please don’t take it personally as they are mine alone. First thing - and I’ve got a bloody gash on my left shin to show for it - was the sticky out lower dash piece that was a hard plastic point. Why didn’t Lexus add a piece to the door if they wanted the dash to snugly meet the door when the door is closed rather than a spike on the lower dash? As I climbed in I struck my shin against this hence the long bleeding gash. After a lot of swearing I settled in for the 25 mile drive home mostly along the A19 from Teesside. Okay, it drove very nicely and the materials were quite pleasant. I particularly liked the small, modern steering wheel and auto seat heat / steering wheel heat panel. It reminded me of my ES Takumi. The RX still has the old cruise control stalk sticking out from the steering column rather than being built into the right side of the wheel. Boot size is subjective but it would fit (just) my daily needs. My only criticism inside was the door card was particularly bland. No different colours or trim pieces - just a slab of grey plastic. I thought this really let the side down. Some different material or colour would had lifted the door cards. Driving-wise, it drove nicely with decent punch but twice, on damp roads, the car slithered left and right and had to be reigned in by the traction control. I thought the power delivery on hard acceleration was quite savage. Is there a way to dial it down (like an eco or snow mode) for certain road conditions? The acceleration certainly feels quicker than the posted 0-60 times. It felt more like a time in the mid to late 6’s but the car was spinning up and sliding on hard (not max) throttle inputs. Overall, it was a good effort but £52k for a BEV built on an ICE platform. That seems like a lot of cash and it’s identical in cost to the brand new Kia EV6 GT-Line S AWD. I’m looking at trading in my mint RX for the Kia as i do very little miles now and an EV would probably suit my needs better than a 3.5 V6. I’m sure I’ll return to Lexus when they eventually present a BEV built on a bespoke platform but like many things the Toyota / Lexus brand always seem to take their time getting things to market. Peter
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