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  1. My ES landed today at Royal Portbury Docks so people who are still waiting for their cars, hopefully, shouldn't have long to wait now as four vehicle carrying ships departed Japan a month ago and they are all in or arriving shortly at Royal Portbury. Fingers crossed for everyone,
  2. Steve, have you thought about wrapping the frontal areas to protect against the inevitable stone chips? I’m still unsure whether to go down this route with my ES given its low nose. I’ll probably get the wheels ceramic coated given their complex anti-wheel woolly friendly spoke design. Do I trust the dealer to apply G3 to my hyper-chrome finish wheels?😬
  3. Steve, have you mentioned this to the Lexus centre? I’m sure the sales staff and centre principal need to know your dissatisfaction with the vehicle presentation. It’s a shame it’s happened as Lexus paint finish is flawless when it leaves the factory - or should be.
  4. Let’s see some pics of your ES. It’s good to see pics of U.K. ESs. Regarding the paint it would have been perfect when it left the factory and transportation wouldn’t have created swirls so I’m guessing it was the dealer who added them by using contaminated cloths either in the washing or waxing phase. Depending on the level of swirls I may have rejected the car until it was rectified. My current NX is Sonic Titanium and it hides marks fairly well but my ES, which arrives at the docks this Thursday, is deep blue and will show every mark & swirl. I’d be disappointed if it has swirls in the paint.
  5. Habu

    Firmware details

    Here is the thread...
  6. Habu

    Firmware details

    The nav updates are free for 3 years from new. At least it is with the Premium Nav system. There are 2 updates per year (Spring and Autumn) hence I’m on 2019v1. The next map update will be September or October and, presumably, will be 2019v2. I assume your dealer could update the maps but it’s easier for you to do it. You’ll need a flash drive of at least 16gb and very carefully follow the instructions. There’s a thread somewhere on this website about how to update the maps. It’s probably somewhere on the NX forum. cheers Habu
  7. Habu

    Firmware details

    Thanks for your information. My navdb was 943 but I updated it myself to 2019v1. It picked up lots of new roads in my area. Strange my audio is 1401whilst yours is 1000. It makes sense your navigation is a higher number however.
  8. Hello, for those of you that have your ES what firmware (Audio, Nav audio and navdb_version) are you running? My NX is currently on Audio: 1401, Nav: 1511, navdb: 2019v1. Is the ES the same or do you have later numbers? To get the details go to Menu > Setup > Vehicle > Software Update (I think that's correct) Cheers Habu
  9. No change with mine. The software update was a while ago (weeks) but still nothing showing although it now takes an age retrieving data before displaying zip. The info page does say this is the place to download apps and there’s an empty £ symbol in the corner of the page. It does appear though that something is coming. Be nice to come with Apple CarPlay too.😕
  10. Yes, saw the protection strip too. Like you, I thought that it was a dealer fit item. I’ve ordered the pro pack too (actually thrown into the deal) so will check mine when it finally gets here.😕
  11. I think, £ for £, this represents the best value ES as you get all the good stuff and, hopefully, dips under the £40k wealth tax threshold. My NXs road fund license this September is £455.😱. Thankfully, I’m handing it back on the 31 August and I’ll drive a dealers car for a few days until my ES is ready.
  12. Great spec😀. Are you going to collect it ASAP or wait until September?
  13. If your car is due early September then it’ll be on the high seas at the moment. Lexus UK would be able to tell you which ship it’s on. Mine is due at the dealers beginning of September (or very late August) and it lands at Royal Portbury docks on the 16 August. I’m slightly confused by your trim description. Assuming you’re in the UK is it a base model with Premium Pack or an F Sport with Takumi Pack? I’m guessing the former if it has a brown interior as F Sport models only come with black or red interior. Let me know as I’m curious.🙂 Anyway, it’s not too long to wait. Find out which ship it’s on and you can track it to the UK. That helps to pass the time.👍 Regards Habu Edit: I’ve just seen your latest post.👍👍
  14. Great news. Can’t wait to see the pics. There’s nothing like picking up a new car.👍