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  1. The manuals are specific to Europe. I’ve just downloaded the US nav manual and it specifically talks about Enform throughout. The new October 2019 manuals are from Lexus EU and incorporate the UK.
  2. Hi Lars. Yes, it appears that models that are a factory order from October 2019 will come with both AC and AA. I’d like to know if there is a hardware change at the factory and, if so, what. Still a bit frustrating for us 2019 owners who have no information about whether they will be retrofitted with the software. My wife’s 2017 Mazda was officially retrofitted with AC and AA. (all post 2014 cars with the MZD infotainment system) but it was both a hardware and software change. Habu
  3. Surely the ES and UX won’t be due a facelift for another couple of years? I know the yanks change their models each year but not the U.K. and Europe. I’m hoping AC and AA will be a update for current models but which years, which nav system and what models? The upgrade may be only applicable to models with the MM17 (CY17) nav?
  4. Hello, has anyone ever got this thing to connect, i.e. Connected Services? I can send nav routes to the car (albeit in km, not miles), enter dates for service, etc. but I can’t get the thing to connect so I have full Connected Services. For reference I’m on iOS and Mac. cheers Habu
  5. The online October 2019 Lexus Owners Manual and Nav Manual (European manuals) now feature AC and AA. Is this a sign of things to come or applicable to post October build cars only? Either way, it shows in the manual that the applications are through the car’s Apps page.
  6. Hold the phone. The October manuals for the ES - and presumably the other Lexus models too - mention AC and AA in the nav manual. So, it’s either imminent to current models or new models ordered from October 2019 will feature AC and AA. I hope it’s not just the latter.
  7. Good spot. I checked the latest nav manual for the ES and no such luck. It must be getting close though, surely.🤞
  8. Habu

    Firmware details

    Sorted it. Reformatted the USB and all good.🙂
  9. Habu

    Firmware details

    I should know what I’m doing as I did it for the NX but I’m stumped this afternoon in the ES. I’ve formatted the USB, downloaded the files and I’m now sat in the car with the USB but I can’t get a request code. The one under Device ID isn’t the correct one. Can anyone remember the process after inserting the USB into the car? I thought the car would generate a Request code but it won’t.
  10. Deleted Lexus Link and then set it up again. All connected again such as BT and wifi except the connected services bit where I sign the Terms and Privacy Notice and then Connect Car. Each time it says and error occurred and it then automatically goes into the LL app but I don't have Connected Services. Has everyone else got the full Connected Services bit? Cheers Peter
  11. Mine works normally. I enter the car and it detects my iPhone's hotspot immediately. I stopped the car, locked it up and when I came back the hotspot was found again.
  12. Given it’s now standard on all Australian MY20 ES models (from October) I’ll be very disappointed if Toyota / Lexus Europe don’t announce something later this month. There’s nothing on the Lexus Australia website however about retrofitting AC and AA to earlier gen 7 ES models though.
  13. I can’t seem to connect to Connected Services without contacting the dealer to help complete the process. My only other option is skip and I remain unconnected. I’ll keep trying...
  14. One of the features appears to suggest driving analytics but I can’t see how to activate it if indeed we get it here in the UK.