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  1. Yep! There is now a 2 meter exclusion zone around my car :-) I'll have a look for phantom grey, cheers. S.
  2. I'll just try and stay away from curbs then :-) :-)
  3. Has anybody tried these... S.
  4. Cheers all! But, no, not yet, he's just gone on holiday. The only thing keeping me sane is that the callipers still look good. (He did those too along with the grey roof, (The grey is the old Granite Sky from my original IS200)). S
  5. Hi All, So I've just had my car fixed up and sprayed after a battle with a wall, in which the wall won.. I also got them to refurb the alloys. I got the car back yesterday and I have curbed them this morning. So you can imagine how pleased I am with that... I have an is300h F-Sport. Does anybody know the colour of the wheels and know of any touch up paint that closely matches the colour. I've see this anthracite paint on amazon.. Cheers! Stuart
  6. Yooooo, I replace my cig lighter with a NOS button. Unfortunately no NOS, but it does turn the in-car computer on and off. Anyway, I may still have the bulb and fitting. I'll have a look tonight. Stuart.
  7. I have a spare one. I bought two from Monster Matt, but didn't get round to fitting the second one. It's resting in my shed as I type. £150 ex postage. Stuart
  8. Nooooo, I replaced them the next day after find the wire on the way back from London. Lets just say, the second half of the journey was taken with real ease. S.
  9. Well, take a look at a loverly bit of inner tyre wear. I'm in the process of booking in with TDI-North (email sent. :-) ) for a good bit of geometry action. Anybody want to buy some used tyres?? S.
  10. Matt, I'll take the fog light switch off you. How much?? Stuart.
  11. My mesh is silver, but that's cause stones on the motorway have chipped away all the black paint. There is a bit of black left where the number plate has protected the mesh.... the number plate has now fallen off, and I can see that the black does look better. At some point I'm going to spay it back to black. So it's black for me... S.
  12. Cool, I didn't realise TDi North were in Warrington. Thats where I work. I'll be booking myself in in the near future. Smooth with a capital smoo. S. Yes i do:- A very friendly competent team who master the complexities of chassis calibration.
  13. Mine is about survival in harsh environments. S.