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  1. Cats alone from these are nearly £400 in the scrappers. Track car with the diff welded nearing 1k around here at the moment.
  2. I went to 235 35 19 all round. No issues at all but if I was to go any wider on the front I'd have to shave my universal mud flaps. You could always swap a rear wheel with the front and you would soon know if it will clear.
  3. Let the traffic warden out of the boot, he/she has probably learned their lesson by now!
  4. Ours hasn't seen a dealer since we got it and never will. Il have a look when it's getting its spring tidy up.
  5. I have the same steamed rear window issue. Who bets I've got the same split?
  6. Well what was the point in starting a thread? Ask the question is there any point in servicing and when everyone suggests yes you decide not to anyway!
  7. I disabled mine and got slated on here for it. However I've had countless pm's from people looking to do theirs. It involves bumper removal ect so if you want a how to then drop a pm.
  8. It didn't look bad enough to be the issue. Its just interesting a few of us having the same problem at once.
  9. I had the grill apart but it was 2 years ago now. If I remember correctly the chrome has to come off first and its very brittle
  10. I just replaced it this afternoon. I done the annual service and it wasn't replaced last year. It was replaced 2 years ago. No issues with air circulation and its only the rear window fogging up.
  11. I've noticed the same steamed up rear window in the last few weeks. The boot does not appear wet but I've not looked behind the panels yet as that would involve removing the wife's junk!
  12. Clocks are only for people in a hurry. Sit back, chill out, enjoy the ride and you'll get there when you get there!
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