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  1. The pop up pistons will need replaced. Then the crash data is stored in the airbag ecu. This needs reset. It can not be done with diagnostic equipment. It requires done on the bench with specialist equipment, I use a company called "crash data. Co. Uk" I think the cost is around £60 plus post.
  2. Has the pop up hood been activated? If so I can send instructions
  3. As Andrew said the sensors locate in the chaimer. I'm 100% sure of this as it was busted on mine too.
  4. On nengun genuine parts catelog it's listed as "chamber - pop up hood" 2013-08/2015 lexus ave30, gse3. Part number 52621-53020. Google the part number and the images will come up. Check this is the right one as I never checked to see if f sport and non f sport are the same.
  5. Il have a look at the parts diagram I have somewhere from when I was repairing the front of ours.
  6. There is a black tube sits along the front these sensors clip into. It activates the pop up hood I think it's called pressure tube
  7. Personally I would have bought a better after market pump. Blueprint or something reputable. After market is fine if its good quality. First-line however I see as the money would be better set on fire!
  8. If you post the model age and what exactly you have tested so far you may get good advise. As you had the alternator tested I take it its not a hybrid
  9. You can't always check for a small drain by pulling fuses at it wakes systems on the canbus and leaves you going in circles. You can certainly try it but results are often inconclusive!
  10. Too much black plastic front and back. Grilles far too big and silly. They may as well not bother colour code the bumpers! Tacky light right across the back, no thanks. I'd also require a set of fog lights in the front bumper or I'm just not interested. To me it's not great looking
  11. Not keen on the rear light strip across the boot either. It's not clear from the pics but appears to have lost the saloon car look. More like an evogue at the rear corners. So far I'm not excited.
  12. I've had a few new rav4 in at work and they are using a right bit of BMW running gear, so maby the new is may be an under cover 3 series. If that's the way they are going it might be best if they don't offer it in Europe!
  13. Screw it in and drive away. Set the clock!