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  1. My mum was going through dish washers at a rate of one every 18 months to 2 years, Indesit beko ect. I bought her a Bosch one, 14 years later its still going the best and has never had to be looked at. It's starting to rust a little at the bottom of the door now but fully functioning. At the time it was twice the price as the budget brands. Sure was cheaper in the long term.
  2. I'm trying hard to stay off the beer! Finished work by 3pm today. So driveway and paving got power washed! Just the patio to do. Could have had that done today too but need to keep something for later in the week!
  3. Unfortunately these two were already clean. Other than the garage floor I've nothing else to polish🤔
  4. Then shada got a valet too... He was less than impressed!
  5. The boredom continued... The volvo got the works.
  6. What you are looking for is a dacia sandero I believe. Not sure if they are available with wind up front windows or not tho!
  7. We had the auto clock in a vectra. It was wrong more times than it was right. Some things there is just no need for.
  8. Didn't think anyone done that anymore. I replaced the water pump on ours a few months back and the wife's reply was "new machines are less than £200" Something satisfying about repairing things tho.
  9. Hope all works out. I'm self employed too and things are quiet.
  10. So due to circumstances I've had my first day off today. By 10am boredom got the better of me. Therefore the is got its 6 month major clean 4 weeks early. Washed!, hoovered, windows cleaned, de-tar, polished, leather feed, tyres jellied, and the hybrid fan motor got a clean too. The wife being a nurse on the front line I done the curtisy thing of hers before mine! Volvo may get the same tomorrow if I don't start boredom boozing tonight. If I don't have work by Monday I'm gona be out of things to pollish🙄 Wishing all the best of health
  11. It's not too bad as it's not got the harsh f sport suspension. Its not any harder on the rough but it's noticably better in the corners, less lean on the tyre walls. And sits with soooo nice gaps without lowering. The wife thinks more of the car than she does of me and is well aware of where the holes are, she is able to avoid the most. The wheels and tyres have been on for 12k and not 1 nick chip or kerb mark.
  12. Bearing replaced. Took the sensor off the back of the old one and it's clearly been taking in moisture. Let's see how long the other side lasts.
  13. Yeah 100% it's the front bearing. 41800 miles. I expected better tbh
  14. Just had the misses in with the first lexus complaint. It's making a funny noise said she! I thought maby she's caught the engine guard on the rough, took it a run and wtf! The front bearing is balling its head off! Anyone else had one fail yet?