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  1. Anyone thought about wiring the cat to the hv battery? Thieves touching that would be fun to watch
  2. I'd be more interested in a pic of said turnovers.
  3. Don't forget they also make a slight ticking sound when on. Again nothing of concern
  4. And when this is going on the pigs are nowhere to be found. Probably out harassing a motorist because of something silly
  5. Was a bit white here this week. Snow tyres on and I think they halfed the value of the car!
  6. Im not a petrol head honestly! Sure its a hybrid ffs!
  7. I've driven many auto's from old to new. Conventional auto asm auto power shift auto dsg auto cvt in many brands and to be honest I can't understand why people talk poorly of the auto in the 300h. In my experience it's fantastic. By far the smoothest box I've ever known, witch is why you want auto in the first place!
  8. Our 65 plate on 40k not showing any recall on the gov. UK site.
  9. also worth checking your policy for key cover. Some insurers include this just like windscreen cover. If so I'd suggest paying the excess and let them sort it.
  10. No doubt even the electric vw will be unreliable and manage to pollute. The batteries will likely leak and contaminate half the country's water supply! I wonder what odds I'd get in the bookies to place a bet on this🤔
  11. I done mine but it was due to an accident damaged cooler not milage. I too am a mechanic by trade and just like the other mechanic in this thread I'd strongly recommend changing the atf before 100k or 5 years. If you can change the engine oil yourself you can do the atf too it's not any harder. Drain oil fil oil run then check level. No different to changing engine oil. Oil degrades through time so "sealed for life" to me means it will last until the car is over 5 years and the manufacturer benefits from selling you a new box or new car when yours goes bang!
  12. Same as that. I like a car and have no need or want for a suv. Wishful thinking would be to see a 4th gen is in the next year so I can buy a 2 two year old one in 3 years time! I don't have the need for new to justify the expense.
  13. Certainly not! If you want a 4 door saloon to outshine the audi A4 with better style better comfort better reliability build quality and better performance then it's gona take an is to do it
  14. Good to know. Just past the 40k now so think il stick a set in next year and not need them again during my ownership
  15. Out of interest what milage do the plugs do in one of these