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  1. You sure he didn't wreck it drink driving home and blame the youngsters? Reminds me of being at school, one teacher in particular wasn't very well liked. We lifted his nova and placed it inside a walled garden with no way out. He was walking for a while
  2. I think your biggest issue will be trying to find a 300h for 10k.
  3. I'm not an suv person full stop. Personally don't see the attraction, small on the inside large on the outside expensive to buy expensive to maintain and expensive to run. Too big to fit in parking spaces and no benefits over a saloon car whatsoever. Next car will be a mid size 4 door car with comfort and reliability, to replace the mid size 4 door comfortable relay able IS we have, and if lexus doesn't offer a replacement its gonna be back to the hard decisions If lexus offered an is as an eV I'd concider it.
  4. Will be hard decision for what to get to replace the is
  5. Good luck trying to jump the tesla if it's battery goes flat🤔🤣
  6. Whole lot of could be's here but go. Check the wheel isn't loose before anything else!
  7. If you decide to sell it as is I'd be interested. Drop me a pm with a price.
  8. A 1 year old car for 60% of the cost new? I'd take it without even looking at it! 12,500 miles is almost half of some car service intervils, wouldn't bother me in the slightest, an oil change now and its good for another year. The code reset could have been something silly like a low battery over lock down. It's nearly new and still has plenty of warranty. I'd take it all day!
  9. Your fuel economy is roughly the same as mine averages 33mpg.
  10. I tend to just plough on through the cameras and not worry about them!
  11. I would suggest having a competint mechanic do a proper diagnosis first. Some data from manifold and barometric pressure to assess then move forward. Throwing parts can be very expensive and on Toyota it's not usually the sensors that fail.
  12. The sensors are an aid to help, not guarantee. I suggest an eye test.
  13. Make sure you get the locking wheel nut it can be a disaster without it down the line if they forget to place it back in the car. Don't expect a spare wheel!