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  1. That would probably explain why I can't get it to work. Bummer! Was a feature I did hope for.
  2. Yes Ive tried putting car into reverse adjusting mirrors and then back to park. They just won't move on their own. Am I missing part of a sequence? I know it doesent have the power fold when locking function so thought many they don't reverse tilt either?
  3. Every YouTube video I seen said it had to be selected l or r and the function was disabled in the centre. I can't get it to work in any position and not even sure if the function is fitted
  4. My mirrors don't auto tilt in reverse and I can't find a menu to enable it. Should they or does the is300h have this function? am I missing something? Just figured out how to get a signal on the dab radio it's not the easiest car to figure when I'm not up on techy things.
  5. No need to apologise you are entitle to an opinion. sorry for your troubles with the idiot and the illegal bald tyres. its not about saving money its a feature I just prefer not to have for reasons already given. If I chose a suv or some other less pedestrian safe car nobody would say a word about that. Disarm a potential hazard on the car I have and everyone is queuing up to shoot me. if I drove a Range Rover and hit someone they would be a lot worse off.
  6. Anyone can take a shot if they like. It's my car and I don't want pop ups. I'm not legally required to have them therefore I don't have them. Theres one thread on here a guy said they went off going along the road and he nearly wrote off the car with the scare of the bang and the bonnet in his view. Traction control can be turned off and that is a legal requirement. You can remove tyre pressure monitors pre 2014 and they are classed as a safety device. You can legally remove abs until a certain age. Why should I keep something that's not legally required and unwanted.
  7. It's Not a legal requirement thow. The wildlife around where we drive at night is the main issue, it's a bad design when rabbits foxes badgers and birds can cause big problems.
  8. IT is what it is! How often do we hit pedestrians? And if we do who's to say the stupid pop up would be enough to save them! nowhere is it stated a legal requirement. Just like auto brake functions they are optional.
  9. Some lexus parts such as the hood pop ups are extortionate. However some are not too bad. I used my company debit card to buy my bumper and got 10% trade discount. It was delivered for less than 300 including vat. Granted it wasn't for f sport
  10. Here is how mine looks. Looks factory just not active.
  11. Problem is around here as I mentioned in the repair thread, it's not uncommon to clip the odd bit of wildlife.
  12. That's how I've got mine done. It's a 20 minit job!
  13. The bumper from lexus is not very expensive. Around 300 including vat. Certainly no dearer than a second hand one. However if you need grilles that's where the big money comes in.
  14. They are a real disaster them pop up hoods, makes it pointless mowing down traffic wardens😕
  15. 2 pop up hood Pistons, 2 bonnet hinges, a new pressure tube, and an airbag ecu! i priced the Pistons from Lexus and they were over £1500 plus vat per side. I'd guess it's going to be near a 5k repair at dealer!