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  1. Could I see some more pics of how you have it mounted in the boot? I have a space saver but not yet found a carrying solution
  2. Not really. There the reason our premiums are so high.
  3. I get replacing the bumper, I don't get what cloud they pulled that price from!
  4. The bumper is around £300 new from Lexus. Paint shop would be no more than £300 for paint and fit. Not sure why you would need a new radar sensor, can't see where 2.7k comes from!
  5. The brake booster makes sense. That's the part I'd left out in the equations In my head! I've not seen the car act up. I've replaced the 12v battery now and on holiday for a few days. Will see how it goes when I'm back. Both days there was high heat and also heavy rain. Been changing quite a few car batteries getting killed with heat this past few weeks so hopefully this is the end of problems. New bosch battery with 4 years warranty for anyone interested out of warranty and looking options other than dealer.
  6. Been having issues with the 300h for two days. Wife said first day when she got into car to leave work the car wouldn't go, message on the dash saying hybrid system stopped put shift lever in park even though it was in park! Some lights flashing on dash and something beeping! switched off for 10 minits try again and away it goes. Day 2. Starts in morning no problem, evening go to leave work, same problems only this time it wouldn't power off again either. Eventually it did shut off and again 10 minits later it went perfect. i can't get the car to replicate the fault but I suspect the 12v battery has had it! Anyone experienced anything similar?
  7. Would be interesting to know the outcome of the amphibious hybrid alright
  8. I didn't take pictures but if I get a spare half hour this week I will. To remove the door panel isn't difficult it requires a star screwdriver and a small trim removal tool or small flat head if careful. Il ad a how to for this soon too. Yes this is for cars without the automatic function switch.
  9. OK just done this and seems a few like me are interested in having it. In this method I did cut 4 wires to disable the folding option from the factory button as I didn't want the car contradicting the kit. I done all from the drivers door and would have been easy if there Was some info on wire colours. Here is how I fitted mine for anyone interested 1 red wire + connected to thick yellow wire on plug for window motor. (be sure to have fuse) 2 black wire - connected to thick white with thin black line wire on window motor. 3 yellow wire acc+ connected to very fine grey wire on window switch panel. (confirm wire goes live with ignition using test lamp) note if you don't connect acc wire your mirrors will fold when you drive off and car auto locks. 4 green wire door open signal + connected to thick blue wire on door lock. 5 blue wire door lock signal + connected to thick red wire on door lock. 6 orange mirror close + connects to two fine pale green wires on window switch 7 brown mirror open + connects to two fine red wires on window switch. The other two wires on the modual I didn't use but they can be connected if you choose to keep the fold button operational on the panel. I left them off. Note there are more than two pale green and red wires on the window switch. A test light is required to locate the needed wires. With the ignition on probe the red wires one at a time and operate the folding mirrors. When opening mirrors two of these should go live, (they stay live for about 10 seconds after the mirrors have stopped) cut these from the switch and join them (loom ends) to the brown wire. Repeat above step to find the two fine green wires for closing mirrors, cut these from the switch and join them (loom ends) to the orange wire. Job done, play and smile☺️
  10. I just fitted this. I was able to do all from drivers door. I did cut the wires from my door fold switch tho. Il be happy to explain a how to if you like.
  11. That would probably explain why I can't get it to work. Bummer! Was a feature I did hope for.