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  1. Does anybody know what the orange icon is that occasionally pops up at the bottom of the distance bars on the hud?
  2. In my previous RX I could put six discs in the player. It appears that my UX can take only one disc☹️
  3. I think this is a useful suggestion and I also like the idea of sharing user's preferred screen setups. As I am new to the UX I would be interested to see how others set up their displays including images of same. What do others think? Eftee
  4. Thanks to everyone who replied. I also found a video on the Lexus website explaing what to do. Easy when you know how😊
  5. Thanks for your reply, unfortunately, my car didn't come with either the main manual or the Nav manual only a slimmed down User Guide. However, I was able to access the instructions on the Lexus website.
  6. I have recently aquired a lexus ux takumi 250h. How do I access the nav system to enter a post code and how do I suspend or terminate the route guidance?