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  1. Thanks for the replys, I have short listed the Hankooks and the Vredestein sportrac 5s. Had vredestein wintrac 4s on a Q7 (H rated) a couple of years ago and they were amazing. By default I ran them well into May and they performed well at higher temperatures albeit we live up in Scotland etc. Its maybe not worth chancing all year round on H's.
  2. I know this has been touched on before but with the emergence of Tyreleader and Openeo and the weak euro the tyre market has changed again. My RX 400 h needs new tyres and I am wondering if changing from 99V to 100V has any impact on ride or comfort. Virtually all the usual tyre choices are available around the £100 mark and I can't decide whether to stick with the OEM Bridgestones ( their E ratings for fuel efficiency and wet handling disappoint) or switch to the Dunlops SP sport or change to something like Hankook ventus S1 evo 2 or Vredestein sportrac 5 s. When these were considered earlier in the forum they were much cheaper than OEM options now they're all much of a muchness. Ride comfort and noise are my priorities. I notice Asdatyres offering Michelin latitude tour H rated at £120 fitted. Would I get away with H on a V rated vehicle? It seems odd that all winter tyres are H which is acceptable (even mandated in Germany) yet Summer Hs are frowned upon.
  3. Suppose kind of proves my point two different Garages, both Lexus franchises, recommending different oils! With regards supply of 0W-20 I cannot find anyone selling 5L of premium big brand oil at a reasonable price. Plenty of 1L Mobil 1’s etc but at £14 a time = £70+ to refill. It is especially noticeable as there are dozens of retailers in the US offering 5L for $24.00. Ebay have Total 0W-20 5 x I litres for around £40+p&p suppose I will go with them. Would have liked to try the Mobil 1 though.
  4. Morning All I am a little confused (not difficult) about what engine oils my RX 400h should take. It’s a 2008 model and I plan to do my own oil and filter changes from now on. My manual says 0w-20(which is hard to get hold of) The US web forums are saying 5w-20, some show a copy of a Lexus service bulletin highlighting this. Every single third party site (Halfords/Eurocarparts etc) says 5w-30 which is plentiful. I really want to get it right and ideally want a premium oil, Ebay are listing a Toyota 0w-20 oil for stop start engines,highlighting the stop start element and the suitability for the 1.3 litre smaller engines. Surely this can’t be the same stuff my 3.3L beasty drinks I remember when oils where quiet straightforward