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  1. great help - many thanks to Herbs and Colin - now the hard part finding a decent one at good money - lol
  2. Good afternoon, I am looking to purchase a 2012 rx 450H My problem is the vast amount of model options available Can any knowledgeable person list the model options I should go for? mant thanks Joe
  3. thanks for the comments and a special thanks to Martin for taking so much time to reply
  4. I am looking to purchase a GS450H, hopefully the SE-L version. I have a budget of £12k grateful of suggestions for the one to get or the ones to avoid
  5. had a warranty on an e class mercedes from one of the so called "better" warranty companies. ECU packed up not covered - Turbo packed up covered for 50% of cost of part, could have got a refurbed one for less! - who won? warranty company. Best value for money is the LEXUS £59 Hybrid check that warranties the hybrid system for a year. then get it checked again with a day to go for another £59 as long as LEXUS will do it. Lexus warranty for an rx atm is on special offer as long as its less than 140k and 10 years old £995 for 24 months instead of 12 - check the small print!
  6. would i be able to get a rx in good nic for this sort of money, or am i in cuckoo land? i dont do many milesin a year 2 or 3k thats all dont know much about these but the brand has a good name thanks