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  1. Thanks Steve, if it does turn out to be the ABS Module I will be back in contact. Greatly appreciate the support from this forum. BTW does anyone know where I can get hold of a Lexus LS400 Mechanics Guide?
  2. Thanks Titch I'll certainly give this a try next week when I can get the car up on stands. Greatly appreciate your input and truly hope it's not the ABS module.
  3. Mybikes a cx500, thanks but the calipers are all sliding correctly and pad wear seems to be consistent with disc profile.
  4. OK, so here’s today’s brain teaser that I am hoping one of you experienced mechanics will be able to help me solve. A few months ago my trusty LS400 developed a soft (long travel) brake pedal. Pads and discs at the time looked ok, but I do remember the travel increased after a particularly hard breaking episode on the M5 due to some numbskull in a 5 series BMW (say no more). Checked brake fluid and this was pretty black so changed and bled the system but without improvement. After about a week the ABS pump started to kick in every time I set off (within 10 yards) after starting the ignition. A slight rumble of the ABS pump with vibration in the pedal and then same level of travel on the pedal, this only ever happens once until you restart the engine. The pedal does come hard after pumping three times and then softens upon release. The ABS ECU has no recorded fault in its memory, the ABS light does not come on and all wheel sensors are reporting correctly. The ABS rumble only happens once after engine starts and the car moves, if the car remains stationary the ABS does not kick in. So I am thinking that this is something electro-mechanical that is linked to the wheel speed sensors which is causing the ABS pump to kick in. The problem has not got any worse over the past 4 months and my driving style has adjusted to the long pedal, but I would really like to find a solution. I am just about to change the front discs and pads as they are now a little warn. Whilst this is likely to reduce the pedal travel I do not think it will influence the overall issue. Any ideas?
  5. Resetting Lexus LS400 engine ECU (1994–2000)

    Do you know if this can reset the internal security lock on the boot? No master key and the boot lock button got pressed last week, now can't get in to the boot.
  6. Hello All, I have just bought a great 1997 LS400 but it only has the valet key (grey), does anyone know where or how I can get a new master key? Also the boot security button got pressed before realising what it did and now I can't get in the boot. Any ideas on how I can overide the security lock? Thanks Andrew