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  1. RED (!) and TRC OFF dash lights flashing!!

    I work away Mon-Fri without my car so yes I have had weeks with a brake problem but not an issue as its not been used. Its an expensive generic reader and that's the only diagnosis. Even online doesn't give much more detail with that code. But it all seems to point to the pump or Ecu both of which I'm looking at 150 ish for the ecu and around 1500 for the pump from Lexus/Toyota.
  2. Hello all, Thanks for reading and hopefully helping and I apologise if the question is answered already elsewhere. Ive got a Lexus IS200 Sport UK model. Ive had the RED (!) handbrake? and TRC OFF lights on the dash intermittently for a few weeks now. Sometimes together, sometimes on their own, sometimes for seconds maybe for a minute or two. Ive had it plugged in and it came up with a code...... C1223 ABS system control failure. can someone plz give me a hint as to what it is?? im thinking either pump or the ECU and not a sensor?! your help and advice is appreciated.
  3. Hi, can anyone help plz? I'm after the name, or part number or an idea of where I can get replacement dash bulbs from? I need to replace some blown ones. Please, please help!! Deano
  4. Hi, I'm just wondering if anyone here has used the oven method to take apart the headlight units on an Is200. I've only read up on it so far, does it work ok without damaging the light unit? I need to replace the beam shield in my projector. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Deano
  5. Hi guys. I'm a newbie to here n just wondering what bulbs I needed n where I can get then from for an is200 centre console?? Deano