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  1. Hi, Many thanks for your view. I will try to follow your advice. Best wishes Dan
  2. Hi everyone I gave up today Audi A8 w12 which was just terriblly unreliable and picked up 2007 LS460 from Lexus approved car scheme. I hope to have better luck with this car. Car came with lexus ipod kit, but this does not offer full ipod integration, only track skipping ( what nonsense!) I looked through forums and there are few solutions I was hoping to get advice which is best: I would like to retain use of DVD changer and song / playlists etc need to be acessible via screen Many thanks in advance Dan On a separate note can anyone tell me if it is normal to get "lumpy kick back thud" through gearbox when searching down the gears from motorway cruising speed with harder press of the throtle? Thanks al lot