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  1. IS300 SPOTRSCROSS 2001, 75k fsh Mystery water loss Hello All. I like many others have exsperienced water loss with no obviose leakage. For the the last couple of years it wenr from an occaisional top up to having to fill the rad every 70-100 miles. I thought it may be a pressure problem and changed the rad cap. Then a water test for head gasket, Phew. The car ran perfectly as all ways and Over a long period I studied the engine etc waiting for something to rear it`s ugly head but nothing and no sign of a leak BRAIN WAVE....... I dismemberd 2 high lighter pens and decanted them into a gallon of water and put it in the car and in a dark place went over the engine etc. with a cheapo ultra violet light and voile......A small sweaty leake in the radiator. The rad has a lower tank and was leaking and the point where the core meets this lower tank. This lower tank has a raise lip of sevral millimeters and the water was sitting in what ammouted to a trough and then on I presume was just evaporating through the heat and wind so there was no easily visable sign. I got a standard rad from fleabay for about £150.00, by way of a foot note, it had two fixturs to accept some piping that was not required on my model of car. I fitted them anyway after crimping them shut and soldering the ends and the good woman fitted it two days later. This was three weeks ago and the problem is solved. I thought I would share my exsperience because thats the kinda guy I am.
  2. IS 300 SPORTS CROSS 2001 FSH (main dealer) MILLAGE 74K Hello all at club lexus. I wonder if any one can give any advise; I have had the car for a couple years and like it very much. just of late we have had a problem, twice now, when we engage drive the drive doesn`t engage and get a low pitch noise. not dissimilar to those plastic strips kids put in their biycle wheels when going fast! we have a fiddle about with the reverse and drive for a few minutes and then seems work fine again as if nothings happened and no problems with the rest of the driving exsperience. The auto box level is good and is a red. but no perfectly clear, no evidence of paticulates. the driveway is on level ground. The last thing to mention and maybe nothing to do with the box but also starting off, typically in the morning the car emmits a very low pitched groan/spring noise, again,it happens a couple of times in a month or there abouts. Any help much appreciated and thanks in advance
  3. Caliper Rebuild Kits

    Hello all. Is300 sports cross 2001 Q. I have a front n/s brake caliper that is showing signs of weeping very slightly. I am thinking of useing a repair kit. Any tips or go to`s.will be much appreciated. By the way I have just replaced both sets of pads to the rear brakes and both the inboard pads had seized within the caliper. there was previosley a slight shudder on brakeing but this has now dissapeared. Best Regards Nick
  4. Hello all 2001-is-300-sports cross- 70kmiles Thank you to all those with help with the above topic. During post purchase inspection it turns out that my warning lights came on because the brake fluid was low, but near the phisical minimum level. As soon as I topped it up the lights went out. It also turned out that I have a leaking front n/s break caliper. further inspection revealed that the rear os inboard brake pad had rusted itself to the caliper body and that side of the disk had heavy rust deposits. I suspect the above problems have come about because the car spent some time in storage hence the year and low mileage. I very much the above is of help to fellow members.
  5. Maintenace

    I have a 2001 3oo sportcross and I have access to a four post car lift. I have had the car for about six months and this the first chance to have a proper inspection. It has a FSH and has done around 70k Question; are there some aspects of the car that I should look out for or some jobs that one would advise to do. Tips and stuff will be most appreciated Thanks all Neddypong
  6. 2001 Is 300 Sportcross

    Thank you for your response. Strangely enough we are on a VERY slight slope on the drive with a VERY slight counterslope as we exit the drive. I'm intrigued..... how does this relate to the handbrake?
  7. Hello All I am a forum virgin ! My 2001 is 3oo sportcross emits a dull groan with a spring like tone on some occasions,normaly when pulling away from the drive first thing in the mornings and only does it once in a while, other than that the car is neigh on perfect. Any Ideas please Thanks Nick