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  1. Japfest2 Meeting

    Hello, I met some IS200 and Altezza on Japfest. Anyone from LOC? IS200 LE with Altezza grille is mine :outforcount:
  2. Wanted Is200 Doors And Wing

    Does anyone knows about some breaking IS200 Limited Edition (2003)? I'd like to buy rear drivers side doors and front left wing in Kodiak Sky 1D2 colour. They have to be in this colour to avoid messing with painting etc
  3. Gearbox Change Price

    Hello, Just wondering how much (approx) for gearbox change in IS200 Manual. Was somebody doing that? Cheers!
  4. Hello everyone, Before I bought my IS200 I get some bargain Altezza indicator/wipers stalks. I hoped that I only need to swap them and that will do. But it won't be that easy. Plugs are different. They are like upsidedown, and Lexus indicator stalk has one more wire in it. Does anyone has a scheme of both Altezza and IS wiring? Cheers!
  5. Hello All!

    Hi, Just bought a 2003 Lexus IS200 LE. I was dreaming about this car since I saw it first time. Now I'm the happiest man in the universe :outforcount: