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  1. For anyone interested, Lexus parts do show the same number for the IS200 and IS300.
  2. Thanks buddy. I think a lot of these suppliers don't realise that the car shares some common components i.e. exhaust silencer. Hoping someone here with access to Lexus parts catalogue can confirm that they are indeed the same (my local supplier told me this morning the IS300 radiator is larger and carries a different Blueprint ADL part number?). Cheers
  3. Hi all Might need a radiator for my IS300. Can't seem to find a good item (I like Nissens) but everyone seems to list them for the IS200. Does anyone know whether these two cars share the same radiator? Does anyone know the part numbers for the two? Car is auto as per all IS300's. Thanks
  4. Hi Chris Care to share the company? I thought there was a specific tool to lock the crank up (floating pulley I heard).
  5. I love Alfas. Today on my IS300 I did nothing as I took my AC Schnitzer ACS7 into work! I did come back however and open the doors (not sure why, I just love that car!). This Friday however it gets new spark plugs, rocker gaskets, front ARB drop links and 85W90 LSD oil.
  6. Hi mate Just dubious of the quality to be honest!
  7. After Market Exhaust

    Don't think the 'Sport' part makes any difference. I believe all rear silencers across IS200 and 300 are the same.
  8. Oil Check

    I've always checked my engines either stone cold and perfectly level or after a drive, laid up on the drive for about 30 mins and then checked. I look for the flattest surface. I always find if you check after 5 mins or so of shutting down you can end up overfilling; I like all the oil from the upper valvetrain to drain back to the sump before I make a decision as to whether she needs some oil. My current IS300 takes about 100ml or so every 1000 miles and I use Shell Ultra Professional 5W30 AG. Cheers
  9. Hi all So it fractured and fell off on the M25! Didn't even look rusty so it comes as a bit of a shock. Lexus want £230 or so plus VAT as a discounted price. To be honest I don't fancy spending that on an OEM one. Does anyone know where to get an aftermarket silencer from? I know its the same as a IS200 but nobody seems to list one for the IS300. Euro list Klarius for the IS200 for around £71 which is cheap, but I am dubious of the quality and what looks like a very small tailpipe! Suggestions? Thanks
  10. Fitting Trd Skirts

    Cheers guys I just wanted them fitted as they were intended to be if I'm honest. I would like them to look as though they were always supposed to have been there. Also, anyone know where to get the little trim gaskets that run along the leading edge of the skirt? My dealer says they are no longer available.... Cheers
  11. Hi all Just got myself a set of TRD skirts. Look quite simple to fit; factory screws front and rear and clearly a fitting from underneath. Does anyone know what the fitting for the underside is? I would like to fit them as they should be, but cannot see anything underneath my car to attach the skirt to. Is it a plastic push in clip or some sort of screw? Can anyone show a picture or a link for the lower fitting? I believe there are 5 per side. Thanks!
  12. And for the record, we also have a very rare one of 250 E30 325i Motorsport convertibles in our garage. None of these list 'Motorsport' on the V5C but just 325i. You look for a 798 build code which lists the details of the Motorsport package. Nobody cares what the V5 says, all they want is the build code from BMW. That's what makes a Motorsport convertible worth over 10K and a regular 325 convertible around 4k.
  13. At the end of the day who gives a cr*p whether it's been marketed as a Sport model or not? It's a nice car, end of, and has all of the bits a 200 'Sport' has, albeit a proper engine that actually manages to propel the car forwards. Much nicer than just a 'Sport' listing on the V5. All of these cars be they the 200 or 300 aren't really worth any money now so it's not as if we are talking about a rare Ferrari or something; these are all sub 3K cars.