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  1. Chaos wedge

    Tte supercharger

    Looking for a supercharger kit to bolt on to my is200. Anyone selling one? Or know someone that will? Cheers
  2. Chaos wedge

    Pre cat deletion

    Nice cheers for that. Does it free up the system much?
  3. Chaos wedge

    Pre cat deletion

    So question time for you guys. If I were to buy a new manifold taking out the pre cats then put in a sports cat and resonated back box as long as the car is warm for mot will it pass emissions? Kind regards
  4. Chaos wedge


    In all honesty I've heard that the turbo conversions are less reliable then charger? I have no problem spending 1500-1800 for a charger kit. It surprises me that no company has built kits for these other then the tte original set up. Also what's the myth behind the unichip piggyback ecu? Is it any good and is it unichip that have to map it or is there a piggyback ecu out there that can be mapped by tuners? Cheers
  5. Chaos wedge


    Hi all. So the time has come that I want more from my 200. So I've looked into pre cat deletion, sports cat and resonated exhaust system. But I require power so my only option is turbo or supercharger. I don't like the thought of an rs200 engine plant because I like the flat 6 in all honesty. So who has a charger kit there willing to sell to me? Much love.