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  1. Yeah they are few and far between! Loads in the US and in Australia just need to keep an eye out in the UK im in no hurry so it'll be an interesting hobby for me.
  2. Ok so just to catch up on this I didn't buy the car, my friend was offered £14,000 by someone else so I said take it! That's well over what I would pay and as somebody pointed out this is not an SE or an L there is no luxury pack I probably would have come up to £13,000 but only because it was a really nice car, I've been using one or two valuation tools and I have to say that they don't value them very high for such a lovely car? I think they are worth more but the market is the market, there is a SWB for sale near where I live being sold by a dealer for £10.500 or near offer, 2007 with only 55k! it's a really nice car but unfortunately it's Black with a beige interior and I'm not liking that combination myself but I do like the Blue now that I have seen it up close, I think I'll keep my eyes out for a Blue one in the coming months soon be March and we have a reg change so there might be a few more about and I'm certainly interested in exploring the idea of owning an LS, I do still love my RX though and its only got 65k on it
  3. Pending me test driving it and seeing the paperwork mots etc I have offered 11.5, I'm not being deliberately harsh he just came at me unexpectedly and just after Christmas too, I've only just had my RX serviced and also I insured it last week so I'm smarting a bit! We'll see what happens
  4. I saw that, a bit steep I thought, a good comparison though but I doubt anyone in their right mind would pay 15 for a standard SWB, its low miles but I think you could buy one of these with 100k and it would be a good car as long as it was serviced properly, I certainly wouldn't part with 15k doh'😲
  5. He's asking £13.5K, 2007 Deep Blue 34k miles cream interior absolutely mint and faultless, not SE or L model
  6. Hi John, interesting idea, it means that I need to tax and MOT the car and that will cost me £800 unless I pay monthly on the road tax and maybe get temporary insurance the only problem with buying the LS is that I would need to sell my RX as I already have three vehicles in my drive If I sold the RX but later on I changed my mind I honestly don't think that I would be able to buy another RX that was as good as mine at least not the same year and with low miles plus I know my RX its been maintained without cost being a limiting factor, the only thing I don't like about my RX is the ride is a bit choppy, its not the air ride version and that does let it down a bit, that said what car is perfect it does tick a lot of boxes for me, it's a neat practical fairly compact little car that is easy to drive, I only ever had three issues with it in my ownership one was an air con recharge and the second was the headlight level sensor, and the third was the battery needed replacing but apart from that its been a great car and I consider these things as only to be expected for a 13 year old car I had another look at the LS last night and boy it looks really good absolutely mint! Cream leather without a mark on it even the cream carpet is un-spoilt, it looks brand new and not 11 years old, I used a valuation tool online and its worth is £11,200 if you can rely on these things...but my friend wants £13,500! To be honest I think someone will pay over the top for a mint car, I guess I could buy it then think about it and if I don't want to keep it then I'll sell it on but I need to buy it at the right price if I am to make anything out of the transaction and given that I will need to payout for tax and insurance plus something for my trouble, you might be on to something John, buy it then think about it if I get it for the right price then I didn't loose plus I have time to consider what i want to do with my RX effectively buying some time and who knows I might be converted to LS ownership! It's got air suspension and it's shinny with chrome bits!🤪 It is a bit light on rear entertainment but I won't be sitting in the back...🙄 Be interesting to know what is the maximum that one should expect to pay for a private buy? That way I can gauge what would be the right price to pay for it, my very maximum would be £13,500 but I wouldn't be able to make any profit or even cover my costs if I sold it at that price, in my humble opinion I think someone who is a big fan of the LS 460 looking for a mint car would pay 13.5 for it, but this is a SWB and not an SE! 2007 deep Blue with cream leather and with 34k miles near as dam it So tell me I'm wrong I welcome any opinions maybe the price is lower or even higher
  7. A pal of mine is selling his LS 460 going for the new model and he asked me if I wanted to buy it! Bomb shell... I wasn't expecting that so it kind of spun me out! Here's the thing, he has owned this car from new its his baby always looked after it but because he goes abroad a lot for business the car is left standing in his garage, it's a very nice garage it has a radiator to keep the car warm and everythin? Some people have that, don't they?? Anyways the car is mint low miles full history 4 new tyres Michelin's new discs and pads and its just had a main service from Leky I hear you cry "so what's the problem grab it before someone else does" well the thing is... going back to "the thing" I already have my RX and I like it very much, I aint lookin for a new motor, well at least I wasn't but now I'm coming around to the flipping idea! Got me thinking I'm up nights I tell you! Do I really want to own an LS? Oh' the LS 460 is 2007 just standard not SE or L 30k miles I have never driven an LS 460 so any comments or advice would be really very helpful to enable me to make a decision, this is tough and at short notice but it seems like a good opportunity to own a nice car, but there are lots of nice cars out there that I do not want to own? My existing car is not a daily driver I do about 5k per year in my car and most of that is touring I love travelling around the UK in the summer, I also use it for the trip to Tesco's and generally running errands ideally I need to let my buddy know before he's off again on Sunday night, no pressure! Happy New Year guys and gals.
  8. I found a Japanese car specialist that was recommended by a taxi driver I know, apparently he knows all about Toyota and Lexus cars so I'm going to book it in with him, I could do it myself but then I'll have difficulty proving that it was actually serviced at least this way I get an invoice to go with the other car stuff, he said he uses Lexus parts so I expect it'll be Toyota oil and filter.
  9. I just lock mine and don't park it anywhere dodgy! If it gets nicked I'll of course be disappointed and especially if i just filled up! And also I was kind of partial to that Sam Smith CD, and my umbrella, oh' and those mints aunt pat gave me, there somthin else! I won't be heart broken though, I'll get through it. 🙂
  10. I searched for a post on engine oil but to no avail? I was sure that this subject would have come up... but anyhow I was wondering if Lexus recommend a specific brand of oil? Searched tinternet but it was a bit inconclusive, I usually put Mobile one in my Mercedes Sprinter but haven't done a change on this car yet, supposed to be every 10k and I realised that it has done 15k since the last change doh' also needs diff oil and transfer box oil and according to the maintenance schedule, trans fluid is inspect or replace. Happy new year youall
  11. Its a case of going out of your way to ensure that you are talking to the right person, some people slate Halfords but I think if you do some research yourself so that you have some idea of what you want then find the right person to serve you and then you'll be in good hands, I was very impressed with Halfords in Poole they genuinely went out of their way to get the right battery for my car, the 72 Ah battery they had although physically smaller in length would have fitted but the technician wasn't happy, he said we need to make it the same physical size that Lexus put on the car and effectively ignoring the Halfords recommended battery, I think the staff will tell you these things are just a guide and that's why the technician stepped in using his knowledge and expertise, if you get some one that doesn't know what they are doing then it's probably going to end badly! In my case I felt like I was in good hands this guy wasn't just a salesmen he was trained, experienced and very knowledgeable but more than that he was determined to get this right, hope it goes well with the RAC and you get your money back! Just for the record there were no specifications stamped on my original car battery? Maybe the sticker came off? That's why this wasn't a simple match up, having said that the original battery could have been wrong for the car as in somebody changed it in the past and fitted the wrong battery! So its always better to get a pro to check everything out and make sure its right for the car, I expect your battery would be ok in a daily driver but under extreme use it doesn't hold up, I have no idea why they offer a choice of batteries for me I will always fit the very best battery to cover for extreme use but that's just me, I do the same on my boat £500 bucks worth of Trojan Batteries! I don't want to be offshore and not be able to start my engine so I have two massive batteries for that job, 1,720 cca's combined, just like a lightening bolt lol
  12. I went to Halfords with my RX 300 2005, they said there was a range of batteries listed for my car and I think it went from 65 ah to 72 ah, they measured their 72 ah battery and it was physically smaller than the original battery on my car! So their tech set about searching for a battery with the terminals the right way around and the same physical size as my original battery, I ended up with a 75 ah Yuasa battery with 680 cca and their tech reckon that was spot on, the car will only use the amps it needs and always better to have a battery with a little bit in reserve rather than just enough! I regularly use my heated seats as one must have ones bottom warm... also the stereo going heaters demisters and I never had an issue with starting. My car is not a daily driver so sometimes it will sit for a week or so and I think the alarm will drain some power but it never even hesitates to start it roars into life at the first turn of the key, so I have to conclude that they got the battery about right, its been on the car since October and with no issues even on cold damp mornings
  13. Thanks I appreciate your reply and I found it myself on the Thatcham website, be interesting to see if my insurance premium changes
  14. Hi guys, I was in the process of obtaining insurance quotes when I noticed in my existing policy that it says an un specified immobiliser is fitted! I thought that these cars had a cat 1 alarm and a cat 1 immobiliser? I don't expect it will make any difference to my premium but I thought that it can't hurt to try, these cars are technically pretty secure so that should in theory make some difference to my premium, so my question is, is there any way to find out what the security system is and how can I prove it to my insurance company? You would think that manufacturers would issue a security certificate to say it has such and such security system fitted, wouldn't that be a great idea eh' these things can be resolved with very little effort...