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  1. I chose "summer tyres" because we don't really get winter in Dorset, I used the quote un-quote because I think certain "summer tyres" are actually all weather tyres especially when they are high load tyres for some reason, perhaps the manufacturers consider that they most likely will be used on SUV's so they need good all round performance We do get a couple of weeks of winter here in Dorset lol and winter tyres are mean't to grip better in really cold conditions but they don't wear very well in warm or hot weather, so it was a no brainer for me and because we get more mild/hot weather than we do freezing weather, I guess an all weather tyre might seem like the ideal solution, however when I looked into tyres the Michelin Latitude Sport 3's have a great spec for noise fuel economy and wet braking, plus to me they look like an all weather tyre anyway but with the benefit of greater wear qualities The 2 weeks of snow we had in Dorset this last winter was the perfect test and OMG! I could not believe how well the Michelin Latitude Sport 3's grip in the snow, took me completely buy surprise...I was driving around other cars that were left deserted and going about my business like it was just another day in the office...I have Michelin's on my T5 van and that was also brilliant in the snow, I live on a steep hill and I was able to get up and down with the van and the van is front wheel drive! Bugatti went to Michelin for the new Chiron tyres so I guess I'm not the only fan...
  2. Thanks John, I see they have 220NM, I was told 219NM so it looks like I'm in the right area, manuals aren't what they used to be by the looks of things, ah the days of the old Haynes paper manual eh, they always provided what you needed!
  3. Got my RX300 wheels fully refurbished for 250 plus they fitted/balanced my new tyres
  4. Cool! I like the later interior nice colour combination too.
  5. When I bought my Rx 300 it had 4 different tires on it! Two were on their way out so I Put 4 Latitude Sport 3's on and they've been amazing! Worth every penny, had them for 2 years now and they still look brand new hardly warn at all, If your tyres are going bold on the outside edge it sounds like you haven't got enough air in them!
  6. No luck with John's WSM, I'm running win 10 pro and I don't think it's compatible, so I'm still looking for torque loading's for the bottom pulley bolt, I have been told 219NM ideally would like to get one or two confirmations if possible or I be ringing up Lexus on Mundy mornin, I come over all Dorset then lol
  7. Did you try cleaning the cabin filter? In the back of the glove box... did mine the other day it was filthy! They don't take long to clog up
  8. Muchas gracias, I give it a try.
  9. My late father used to say if it runs good leave it alone! In a lot of cases I believe that's true, a friend of mine has a VW with 163k and I was looking over it the other day and its still got the original exhaust on it! The engine doesn't look as though its been touched apart from the usual maintenance and he's had this car from new, there is an argument for certain things being left alone but of course it always pays to change the belt over when its due, I think mine should of been done at 10 years not 13! I tell you what I bet there's nothing wrong with it...rather not find out the hard way though be a real shame to ruin a good motor...
  10. Can anyone confirm 219NM for the bottom pully bolt?
  11. Hi John thanks for your interesting comments, I have the car partially stripped down in my workshop, I'm a marine engineer and I always do my own repairs however not being familiar with the pro's and con's of these particular motors I decided to do some research, I like to be well prepared... I must be honest I started out with a plan to change the lot idlers pump everything, this was based mainly on thinking it would be a nightmare to get at should I get an issue with something else like the water pump later on, having got it apart its not as bad as I was led to believe, yeah its tight for space but it only took me 20 minutes to strip it down so this will probably take me 21/2 hours job time taking my time and I'm not familiar with this car At this point I'm seriously considering just changing the belt over and I'll have a close inspection of everything while I'm at it, I would prefer to leave the genuine Lexus parts in place rather than fit aftermarket parts if you know what I mean, also I'm not comfortable with dumping perfectly serviceable parts for no good reason, if somethings worn then that's a different matter I'll changed it out while I'm there You would think that Lexus would want to sell me more parts but far from that they were trying to prevent me from wasting it, rather refreshing I thought, good to get the opinion of others though thanks again.
  12. Just spoke to a friend of a friend who happens to work for Lexus as a technician and this was what he said to me with regard to changing the timing belt on my 2005 Lexus RX 300 66k miles Just to compare prices of parts I asked him if Lexus do an actual kit of genuine spares to carryout this job, he replied huh? A kit surely you mean a timing belt, they don't actually supply a kit so to speak, no reason to, how many miles has the car done? I replied... the car is 13 years old and its done 66k He replied... ok so its hardly run in lol, you don't need a kit I would be very surprised if the water pump was worn out and the idlers are bomb proof, there not cheap rubbish like Fords...his words not mine! The Lexus idlers will do many many thousands of miles no bother at all, and the water pumps too, so you need a new belt be about £44.00 bud What that's it? I replied Yep, don't take in all this nonsense on the internet! (meaning what I read on YouTube) 66k is very low miles on these motors, purely in the interest of being professional and ultra thorough I would check everything over, all of the idler pulley's check them for wear/play have a look see the water pump is not leaking but I would be very very surprised if anything required replacing and by the way genuine Idler pulleys's are over £100 and that's because they are exceptional quality compared to some aftermarket parts and other car manufacturers parts Any of this sound like B.S or this guy sound like he knows his stuff??? I've had this car about 2 years and I am chuffed to bits with it, I would go so far to say I don't want to part with it, I do wish I had air suspension though as it is a bit choppy but four McPherson Struts are gonna do that, I guess new models have improved not that it bothers me all that much, I just notice it on bad roads but that's my only real gripe with the car I pulled out the dipstick for the engine and gearbox and the oil looks clean? How is that possible I ask myself??? I know that it's been in there 2 years because when I bought the car it had a main service carried out by Lexus, it's done about 10k so I was thinking about doing a change, I just can't get over how clean the oil is... There is a video on YouTube where a guy carries out scientific tests on oil filters from loads of different leading brands and Toyota came out on top! Perhaps that's why my engine oil is so clean, my point being I have no reason to assume parts on my engine would be defective/worn out at 66k perhaps I'm wrong if so please comment below
  13. Hi guys, Just about to do my timing belt change and I'm looking for a complete kit water pump idlers everything, would be nice to get all the other drive belts as well... also I want the very best quality Can anyone steer me in the direction of a good supplier or just go to Lexus directly?
  14. I have an issue with my gearbox or at least I think that is what the problem is, ok the symptoms are these... when approaching a roundabout for example when I lift off and slow down but don't need to stop completely and then I go back on the gas then I get a thump through the transmission, it's quite abrupt! If I'm really really gentle with the accelerator I can get away reasonably smoothly, I'm quite a smooth driver anyway I don't race the car but this seem extreme and rather annoying because sometimes I forget to be really gentle and so I get the thump again I've done about 6k since the gearbox oil was changed by Lexus and it still looks pretty clean on the dip stick so I don't think that is the problem, I'm thinking maybe a sensor a speed sensor malfunction or something, anyone else had this issue before?? Thanks guys..