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  1. Same stable starter for 10. See you have a 9 3 I have a OG Vert and a 9 5 2.3 with a noobtune love them.
  2. Hi this is the air cleaner pipe there is a small pipe at the bottom mine is missing, I searched the internet to find where the pipe connects to but cant find the answer. there is nothing close by to connect it to can anyone help. 2008 LEXUS RX400H AIR CLEANER INTAKE HOSE 17881-20140 OEM 06 07 08.html
  3. Sorry Herbie take the photos on the mobile and post from my laptop haven't figured out how to add them to my photos from imgur, have you tried specsavers.
  4. Cam belt kit arrived today didn't get to start it until after 2 but thought I could get the most of it done, got it stripped down easily enough up to the point where I tried to take of the crankshaft bolt but couldn't shift it at all even with my impact gun 1000w and 450 nm of torque. so checked the net and found this was not uncommon and there was a special tool which can be bought for about 40 quid. mmm I can make one of them pretty its not Socket on and a long bar but the bolts I used kept snapping, tried three sets of bolts eventually the nut gave in and with the use of a puller got the pulley off, this took best part of 2 hrs to get off. I also bought a strut for the tailgate but found the new one was no stronger than the old one so suspect its a motor problem, can live with it for now, goes down no bother but not up?
  5. Just ordered a service kit from Lexus Parts direct and a Gates water pump cam belt kit. Had thought about an essential service major with Lexus but it doesn't include the spark plugs and all the checks have just been done during the MOT check. The nearest dealer is 100 miles away so will pop in for a hybrid check when next in the area and a check for any recalls. Car is 15 yrs old and I hope to keep it for a while so want everything done, dread to think what Lexus would charge for that amount of work. Once that lot is done it a change of transmission fluids and brake fluid. Thanks rich for the tip that will be on next months list.
  6. Also had a look at the tailgate, the struts are not lifting they will hold it at any point. I assume the struts do most of the work in lifting the tailgate up is that correct?
  7. First chance I have had to look at the RX today, put in a DVD into the player to see if it would work changed the batteries in the headsets one was working the other not, opened it up to find the two wires were off so soldered them back on and found both were working fine, cant be said the same for the screens one was flickering but think one of the buttons on the screen is stuck in so need to remove it. Took out the DVD player itself and blew it out with the compressor. Next made up this pipe for blowing out the sunroof drains which were clear second picture shows the water flowing freely Then had a clean under the bonnet and polished both headlights. Got a second key but need the gubbins is there a difference between the three button fobs?
  8. Might be I am the dope perhaps I should learn the commands
  9. Rich the screen wont react to any contact, it changes with the buttons below or if I use that dopey cow
  10. Got it home last night, spent some time this morning phoning anyone mentioned on the history ect, apparently it lived in an underground car park in Dublin for many years, the owner spent most of his time in Spain hence the low mileage, spoke to a dealer who bought it of another dealer and had it on his lot for a long time these cost 1800 euros to tax in the republic of Ireland, he just couldn't get rid of it. So far I have ordered a new key but need the gubbins, a digitizer screen for the sat nav as its stuck on the one screen. Even though the oil is still reasonably clear think I will put it in for a essential care minor with a dealer which includes the hybrid check, then change the timing belt water pump ect or maybe do the belt first. The tailgate wont open on its own closes perfectly, opens 1 inch beeps then closes, think the struts are fairly stiff looking cars not had a lot of use, what do you think? Voice command is a dopey cow, just have to use the buttons, want to get the wheels off check the rear calipers slide pins, fuel tank straps and the height adjuster thingy for the lights, will treat the backing plates and give the underside a coat of waxoyl. Headlights are ok but would benefit from a polish, need a clock spring as the cruise control isn't working but otherwise very happy with our purchase. what did I pay just over what the dealer was offering, its a good deal for such a lovely car is almost perfect condition, wont put it on the road just yet want to get all sorted but hopefully by the end of February. This is the worst wheel after 15 years
  11. Been wanting an RX400H for years, looked at a few but was always disappointed poor history trim missing dirty, took one out last week a 2008 filthy dirty inside and out wipers perished tailgate not working 160k. Trouble with these cars is even a bad one runs nice it was smooth on the road no bangs rattles quiet drove really well, but it was too much of a project at £3900. I have also been visiting this site for years looking for information but always left disappointed, most people talk about taking the car to the main dealer very little information for the home mechanic, however it has finally dawned on me there is so little information as so little goes wrong on these vehicles, its not just this site its all Lexus sites. There have been some good pointers and info on the common issues. Its unusual for an RX to appear for sale where i live being a small market town the diesel 4x4 is king but one came up a couple of days ago that seemed too good to be true, a 2005 SE-L 61k full history fresh MOT and advertised as excellent condition seller admitted on the phone he had been offered £3k on a trade in and was looking a bit more. Went along for a look and checked for wet carpets, took out the storage box in the boot to look for water ingress bone dry, checked the history which was a full main dealer Lexus serviced every two years, car barely managed 6k a year and about 2k for the past 4 years. Inside was immaculate except for a small mark on the rear seat. Would appear to have been owned by an elderly driver and was garaged, perhaps poor health was the reason for so few miles the past four years. MOT had no advisories super clean underneath even the original alloys are almost perfect. Only faults I could find were touch screen was not working but one was on order and is included in the sale, a little condensation inside both rear lights, rear hatch a little slow to open and well that's it, four nearly new tire's all electrics working oil looked clean even has the original head phones. So I bought it will collect mid week and post a few pictures then. Plans, check with the Lexus garage to see what work has been done specifically the timing belt, replace the pins in the rear calipers and waxoyl the underside, fit one of those GROM BT units when the radio is out, check the tailgate, blow out the sunroof drains, polish wax and drive.
  12. Time for a change, I have a Grand Cherokee and now fancy a RX400H there is lots of information on repairing/ servicing the GC at home but very little here on home servicing repair for the home mechanic for the RX. At the end of the day its just four wheels and an engine, with the oldest models over 10 years old its not cost effective to visit a main dealer especially considering their prices. There is nothing there to scare me worst case scenario you get a problem with the hybrid system but that seems rare. Is there anyone here doing their own work and how do you find parts supply. Thanks.
  13. Thanks still undecided car has been advertised for some time so dont expect it will sell any time soon, surprised at the price of second hand engines but then again I suppose there is no real market for them.
  14. Hi have a chance of buying an IS300 with a cooked engine car had good history prior to the engine damage and is in very good condition otherwise, happy enough to take on a project but wonder is the expense worth it. way I see it I have two options rebuild the old engine or replace, either way I plan to replace the radiator, thermostat, waterpump and cambelt. Anyone on here get one of the rebuild kits from ebay piston & ring sets, not after more power just want it back to standard.