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  1. Nain

    Lexus is220d Headlight

    My lexus model is 2007 (Se-L),, do you reckon these are compatible? Thanks
  2. Nain

    Lexus is220d Headlight

    Thankyou for the information, how do I find out if my car supports HIDS or basic halogens. Thanks
  3. Does lexus is250 headlight fit on the is220d? If yes, can I buy a aftermarket headlight for lexus is250 and fit it onto is220d. Cheers
  4. What do you mean by sync and the tractor noise isn't normal for 2.2 diesel isit?
  5. The rattle sound is while the car is cold and hot and how much do the dealership cost lol
  6. I did go to one of the local technicians and I was told that it may be tappets. And I don't know much about the cars, just guessing because I've been reading alot of forums and stuff
  7. Hi shahpor, It happens 80 percent of the times so it's really hard for me to get the normal sound in the recording. It happens in idle and sometimes when I rev some rattle noise is heard as well.
  8. Thanks for your feedback Linas. If you hear when your next to the car it sounds like a like rattle kind of noise and it happens when while in stationery, I was wondering if the valves need adjusting
  9. The sounds goes away at times but comes back so I'm confused, don't think it's the dual mass or something
  10. It's a rattle kind of noise from the engine but I don't really know what it is because I don't know much about cars to be honest.
  11. Hi mate, here's the link for the video. Thankyou
  12. Any idea what the noise is, please do let me know because I need to book it in for a check so I know what to expect. Thanks
  13. Engine rattle noise, what can it be (lexus is220d 2007 manual transmission)
  14. Hi Steve, thanks for your response. It doesn't make any difference if I put the clutch in, the rattle noise remains the same.