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  1. eamon

    IS220 DIESEL

    Good evening All, I am hopping I am able to draw on someone else's experience, I have an IS 220 Diesel in which the engine management lights have come on and the car goes into limp mode. I took the car to my local Lexus dealership and eventually was advised it needed a new EGR of which the same dealership cleaned the EGR valve last August the garage that the car is in now advise that the problem could be with the DPF . the car is a 57 plate with 92,000 on the clock. has anyone else experienced anything like this as I am still no closer having the car correctly diagnosed. any help, advice or previous experience would be really appreciated many regards E Wright
  2. eamon

    gold membership

    Hi Mike thank you for the link all sorted and a paid up gold member cheers
  3. eamon

    gold membership

    new member here, need a little guidance on how to make a payment to become a gold member and pay by Paypal, i've now been issued with three Invoices to pay with a cheque which i do not want to do. any help much appreciated eamon