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  1. I got 10% off just for asking. Better than nothing!
  2. I've a 2015 IS 300h which has 13k on it. It's due the second annual service and Lexus are quoting £445, which I guess I can't be entirely surprised at as it's the price on the website but it still feels a lot for what appears to be a ton of inspection/check items. There don't seem to be any Lexus independents and of 3 dealerships I've contacted only one (the one I purchased the vehicle from) has bothered to reply which was slightly disappointing too. Any thoughts or deals I may have missed on whether the service cost can be lowered or is it a simple case of it is what it is?
  3. Good parts retailer (gearknob)?

    It's not the leather, it's the plastic piece that forms the centre of the shifter knob is scratched from rings or something. Not enough to spend £120 on one but if there are some cheaper options that don't look tacky..
  4. Good parts retailer (gearknob)?

    Anyone? eBay is throwing up surprisingly little here..
  5. If it's going to be set to 36 that's fine (assuming it is as the car wasn't new when I had it).
  6. Jesus wept I'd read that thread and already been under the dash once - just found it. Ridiculously well hidden! Thanks :)
  7. I had the Tyre Pressure light come on this morning briefly, pretty sure it's simply due to it having been very cold as it went off after a few miles and it's been fine driving home. I'm going to check the pressures when the tyres have cooled but I'm damned if I can find any kind of "set" button as referenced in the manual. I've looked in driver and passenger wells and it just does not seem to be there.
  8. And the next question.. :) The gearknob on the 300h is a little scratched, from rings I think. It's me being a fussy sod vs. anything anyone normal would even think about, but any suggestions on where to get either an original, or similar quality gearknob please? Lexus want £112 which feels slightly excessive but I've not found anywhere that seems to sell anything other than the cheap stuff on eBay.
  9. Thanks all, everything said makes sense - obviously no issues (which is what I suspected it was just bugging me)
  10. Thanks all, that would make sense. The thing that had me wondering was a chap at work has a Prius and whilst I've not driven it for a while I'm sure that it moves off entirely on battery before the engine kicks in. No doubt I'll have more questions as time goes by but for now I'm simply staggered at how comfortable and quiet the thing seems to be (makes you wonder what the hell a GS and LS must be like!).
  11. Hi all, first post :) Just got a 2015 300h from the local main dealer. A week in and I'm delighted with the car but just want to clarify something. When I jump in and depress the brake pedal and push the power button the car powers on and a few seconds later the engine starts. Is this normal? Obviously there are no warnings or messages or anything suggesting a problem, and I do have the aircon on auto by default which I read may matter. Once I'm driving EV mode is kicking in and lighting up when I let off the accelerator and the mode displays power going from the wheels to the batteries and from the batteries to the wheels when I'm around town, and when at lights or stationary the engine is off and the car pulls away off batteries so I've no reason to think there's an issue, but it's bugging me that the engine starts (but not enough to want to seem a tool by calling the dealer :)).