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  1. I know all too well, I've already written off one is200 on the ice (fish tail, fish tail, spin, spin, backwards into a tree) and I'm still "clenching" in the new one whenever there's mud on the road .. :)
  2. I do a LOT of motorway miles, and - although this is probably the best type of journey for MPG in the Lex, I get through a full tank every 4 days (64 quid!), totalling nearly 250 per month. This, with a new house and more bills, has meant that my only other option would be a ...... diesel. ..the is220 is a bit outta my price-range right now (although there are good models to be had), so I've stuck the snow button on for about a week now - I filled up on Thursday morning last week and I've still got enough to get me to work and back tomorrow - I reckon it's given me an extra days worth of j
  3. Here's a weird question for you then - would this give any fuel efficiency gains ?
  4. Apologies if this has been asked elsewhere, but could anyone tell me what the snow mode actually does? Does it just cut the power a bit? Or add ome enhanced traction contrl?
  5. I've seen them time and time and time again and there's always the temptation to "give it a go". There's obviously many of you guys here who've modded your motors and frown on these, especially when turbo kits etc should be the "real" way forward, however - for those of us wanting a little boost, what are your opinions of devices like this ? Please, be gentle... ! :)
  6. Ohhh.. you're joking... :( I lend her the car for a day and it causes me all this work! :) If you do a search, its 10 min job to take bumper off mate :winky: Cool, will give it a go. Many thanks mate!
  7. Ohhh.. you're joking... :( I lend her the car for a day and it causes me all this work! :)
  8. My missus recently borrowed my motor and went through a huge pothole (full gory detail and pictures here). Both left tyres split and I've just forked out a couple of hundred quid for some more Continentals (just a week after paying for two others)... ..anyway. Today I noticed that something else has gone wrong - when I try to fill the windscreen washer bottle / resevoir (whatever it's called) it just dribbles straight out the bottom. However, as you guys will no doubt know, the bottom of the bottle seems to be located at the front of the wheel arch. From what I can see the bottom of it can b
  9. Is it just me, or does the brand new Merc C Class look a helluva-lot-like the IS200 ? (Merc C Class website here)
  10. Thanks guys. I've got some IS200 matts in there but they're hooked in place fine. I'll check the carpet - it's never a problem when it's cold, it's only when the weather is very warm like it's been over the summer.
  11. OK, forgive me if this has been asked already however a search didn't reveal anything. I have a weird problem. When it's hot - i.e. now, my throttle sticks to the carpet. I've tried various measures and the only solution so far is a bit of card behind the pedal - obviously not too stylish or cool. Does anyone have any suggestions ? Every time it does this I have to ram the clutch down before I smack into someone - it's an IS200Se
  12. They've obviously added a bit of artistic waffle, however there's other stories on this here Oh, and there's this too (not the IS 500, but still it's got 500bhp!)
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