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  1. First Lexus foray

    Haha fortunately both!
  2. Have looked about but can't seem to find what i'm after. Our 2004 IS200 only came with the two button key so I have no idea what the 3 button one was. Research leads me to it being a 4C type key with frequency of 314.4Mhz, but there is also some sayikg it could be the later 4D key. Can anyone help? Or do I need to do it from the VIN/read current key some how? Thanks
  3. First Lexus foray

    Hi all, recently picked up a pretty tidy 04 IS200 SE for the other half as a daily. She's in good shape, just need to sort a master key out! Am a bit of a Japanese car nut, have a 200sx s13 drifter and my daily is an imported Eunos roadster mk1. Should be fun tweaking the Lex a bit now.