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  1. Hey anyone here tried the fix for the wiggling wires ? Smutts is not here anymore and its a shame because I really wanted to talk with him My is220d is still smoking :( and 25mpg at best
  2. unfortunatly I live in France near Bordeaux... There is one remapper here but he cant do the mechanic part...
  3. they tested the sensor and it was ok, the mecanician told me I have to change the dpnr because my car exhaust is going 500°C after only 10min, which is kinda anormal..... its a total of 1350€ operation...
  4. I went to Lexus bordeaux (FRANCE) to let them do a diagnostic of my IS220D (poor mpg + smokes) Result : DPNR need to be changed... Not even sure about this and it cost a lot
  5. Hello guys, Winter is coming and.... ....the smoke is now unbelievable... its now more like a cloud behind me... my mpg is decreasing aswell... I know its better to let a professional do the fix, but when I contacted LEXUS BORDEAUX (FRANCE) the mecanician dont know about this eventually wiring fault...
  6. Hello guys, I have the same problem as OP, white smoke & poor MPG I tried to private message the OP but it seems he's not on the forum anymore. I want to try to fix the wire but I dunno how to do it, anyone here can help ? Thanks