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  1. Really useful and less money than I had thought.
  2. Nice to know. I hadn't been considering a hybrid but I am coming around to the idea. I like the idea of good performance with decent economy and lower road tax but was concerned about a potential bill for a few grand. Sorry if it's an often discussed subject. I mustn't have done a very good job searching for previous threads. Thanks very much for your advice.
  3. Hi guys, How fast do the batteries deteriorate in the Hybrid models ? Would you expect them to last the life of the car or do you need to budget to replace them after an certain mileage or age ? Thanks.
  4. slowprop

    Just looking

    I can buy it from them once it's due to be changed, or if I leave the company. But TBH I'm not that keen on it. It's a Peugeot and it's OK but that's all really. I probably wouldn't want it for myself and my Wife wants something a bit smaller. Hoping I am going to be able to leave within the next year though. 40 years I've had enough ! So not long to wait.
  5. slowprop

    Just looking

    Nice to know. Thanks. I'll probably try to get one with reasonably low mileage and a full service history and not too many previous owners. I'm prepared to pay a bit extra to get that and hope it's worth it in the long run in terms of reliability and enjoyment (I hate stuff that doesn't work). Not sure at this stage whether it's best to go to a Franchised dealer. Something I need to look into. Or maybe even keep my eyes open here nearer the time. I don't need to rush into it as I have my motorbike and will also be getting a small car as a runaround for my wife which I can use providing I beg !
  6. slowprop

    Just looking

    So far I've just been doing a bit of looking on Auto trader etc. No point doing much more than that until I know where I am work wise. Although not that common there were 7 or 8 on there which would have been worth a look. Something to look forward to. I guess it'll be my first retirement 'project' when the time comes. Hopefully not too long !
  7. slowprop

    Just looking

    Thanks Rebecca. Pleased you are liking yours. And yes it is nice to have something unusual. It's one of the things I like about the motorcycle I've owned for 10 years. It's a Japanese bike but a US import not sold officially in the UK and it always gets people's interest. Who wants the same beastie as everyone else ?
  8. slowprop

    Just looking

    Hi guys, I am on the run up to early retirement within the next year or so and will be handing the company car back. I've not needed to buy my own car since the 1980s and am quite looking forward to choosing one. I like the look of the GS250. I won't be covering terribly high mileage and I want a petrol automatic. They seem to also be something of a used bargain. Looks like a lot of car for the money as well as being something you don't see every day. I intend to hang around for a bit and see if some of the knowledge sticks.