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  1. Steering wheel wobble when breaking.

    Thanks for advice. I guess that this is exactly what mechanics did recently when then took them apart, but as I said, it lasted just a few days and problem came back. Maybe hub faces are uneven and hubs need replacing?
  2. Hi guys, I am getting mental with this stuff, so I hope somebody will be able to direct me to some solution. I got my IS200 2004 reg., about a year ago. Back then I changed all pads and discs to some new but cheap-ish stuff, different brand on the front, different at the back. I think at this moment I started to get steering wheel wobble when breaking from about 40-70mph. I did live with them for about 2 months but got annoyed, so changed all breaks and discs, this time I went for full set from Pagid. I realized immediately, that it did not sort out my wobble problem. After some time I decided to finally resolve the problem, took it to mechanic thinking that it might be faulty wheel alignment. Nope, all OK. They said it might be some dirt on front drive hub flange (if I undestood well). They cleaned one (front passenger side) and it was OK - wobble gone. For two days, then it came back. So now, should I assume that problem might be with those front drive hub flanges? Or maybe calipers, as they are the only part that wasn't changed? Let me add that I fitted set of 4 brand new tires and alloy wheels as well. Any ideas guys? Would really appreciate some help.