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  1. Hi there, My name is Jamie and i'm a new member, already read a lot of topics on the forum and decided to join the club. I recently bought an lexus is200 sport and love the car so far, my previous car was an ford escort mk4 turbo, but the lexus is next level and very luxury compared to the escort ;) My first mod to the lexus was changing the dash and climate control panel to white leds, great mod and looks very cool. I added a picture below with the final result. Only thing I am wondering about now is the light in the ignition switch, it doesn't seem to work anymore. Or maybe its just the way its supposed to be. It works fine when I open the door or unlock the car, the ignition lights up and fades out after a couple of seconds, together with te dome. But when I turn on my lights the ignition light stays of, all the other lights in the dash and climate control panel turn on. I'm not sure if the ignition light is supposed to light up when I turn on the lights, or only when opening the doors and unlocking the car. I only owned the lexus for a good week now, so I cant remember. I tried to search for it but couldn't find any thing about it. I also put back all of the original light bulbs just to be sure, but it still doesn't light up when I turn on my lights, hope I didn't fry anything related to the ignition light whilst converting all the dashboard lights to led. Hope someone can help me out!