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  1. New Is 220d sport owner

    I have recentley purchased a Lexus Is 220 d sport 56 reg with 62,000 miles. For a number of reasons I bought this to replace a Mercedes c350 cdi that had been remapped, I was attracted to the Lexus as a cheap but extremely well equipped, well built car. At first I was horrified by its poor performance and economy considering 175 bhp and nearly 300 ft/lb of torque. The performance has improved since it has undertaken a number of long high speed runs, The previous owner only did 2k between MOT`s; it will now pull strongly in 6th from 50 mph and is a great car to drive fast on twisty B roads, it is a far nicer car to drive than the Mercedes, much more comfortable, more direct steering and with the optional media pack has every extra you could want. The only downside is the terrible economy, this has increased from an initial average mpg of 26! to 30 and since cleaning a coked up EGR valve today 33. A relatively modern diesel engine should achieve better than this ; my previous V6 Merc would achieve 42 on a run. Has anyone have experience of remapping this engine, I have a quote from Celtic Tuning who did my previous car, they can remap the Lexus to 216 bhp and 340 ft/lb for £295. Hopefully this will also improve the dire economy. Still one of the best cars I have owned.