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  1. cunning_alias

    Check VSC (and others) set off by breaking

    Sorry, 'dead' probably wasn't the best word to use. 'failing break light switch' is probably a better description. Checking the break lights was the first thing I tested when I made the connection between the error and the breaks. No problems at all. While I could get no error codes from the OBD2, my mechanic with better equipment was able to get 2 errors from the logs, one of which was the break light switch.
  2. cunning_alias

    Check VSC (and others) set off by breaking

    Just incase anyone finds this who has the same issue. It appears to be a dead 'break light switch'.
  3. 07 IS250 Manual So I have been getting the Check VSC warning for the past couple of days. When the car starts I get no warnings but at some point during my journey it will appear along with the VSC and ABS light. This always happens when I am pressing the break pedal. The car still drives exactly as it did before the warning appeared. I have have checked the fault codes through the OBD2 and there is nothing logged. About a year ago I had an 02 sensor go and the logging worked as expected and was able to tell me what was wrong. So does anyone know What could be causing this kind of 'Check VSC' warning during breaking but not logging anything?
  4. That's a fair point about the replacement part. I understand exactly what you mean by adding the plastic material underneath. Should do the job. I will give that a go. Cheers for the help.
  5. Hiya. Long time lurker, first time poster. Hoping someone could help. Apologies if this belongs somewhere more specific. 07 IS250 Manual. One of the clips that keep the bottom of the gearstick gaiter in place appears to be broken. I can wedge it in place with the rest of the clips and it will hold for anything from a few days to a few weeks but there is always a small gap and it drives me mad that it isn't secure. Has anyone any suggestions? I would prefer to fix/replace the part as opposed to using an adhesive. There are some is250/20s in local scrapyards so I could possibly get the part if someone could point me in the right direction. Cheers